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Emily Cropper

Travel Consultant

Dance. Musical theatre. Choreography. Seventeen years of performing across the arts has given Emily a heart for student performers and a passion for creating travel experiences they will remember forever. With a degree in communications/public relations, Emily loves engaging with clients and “thinking on her toes” to satisfy the unique needs and logistics of each trip she plans. She’s flexible, committed and, most of all, moved by making a difference in students’ lives.

My favorite travel memory

When I was six, my parents sat my sister, brother and me down for dinner. Just when I thought we might be in trouble, they quickly announced to us that we were going to Disney World! My dreams came true! Once arriving at Magic Kingdom, my experience exceeded my hopes. Being the first real vacation my family went on together, this trip made a great impact on me. There’s something about Disney World that makes you smile. No matter how many times I go back to Disney in my adulthood, I am constantly reminded of the joy I felt and the memories I made with my family several years back. Disney left a lasting impression on me at such a young age.

My hobbies and pastimes

One of my favorite hobbies is scrapbooking. I love hands-on activities and taking pictures; therefore, scrapbooking my vacations, life milestones, etc. is very enjoyable. It is fun to be creative and also reflect on the great memories I have had throughout my life so far. I also really enjoy cooking and baking. Recently, the office has grown very fond of my cake balls!

My favorite travel destination

My favorite travel destination currently is Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I recently traveled there for my honeymoon and had the most relaxing and serene vacation. The beaches are bright white and the water crystal blue. It was a wonderful destination to soak up the sun and enjoy peace and quiet!