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Stacey Kilroy

Travel Consultant

A former elementary school teacher, Stacey knows the best ways to work with directors, students and their parents, coming up with creative ways to manage challenges and exceed expectations. She’s developed lasting relationships during her years with BRT and loves meeting with directors like they are good friends. Her favorite part of her job? Working with different personalities, travel needs and ideas to make every trip she plans unique and meaningful for students.

My favorite travel memory

My favorite travel memory is taking my daughter to Disney World for her 5th birthday. We traveled with both sides of our family. I have been to Disney as a child and with a couple of groups but to experience her first trip there made it completely different. Worrying that her special day was even more special kept me on my toes. She became a princess for the day and through a special friend, I was able to arrange a special private meeting with her favorite character at the time, Woody. She still talks about her 1st trip to Disney and can’t wait to bring her baby brother when he gets older. 

My hobbies and pastimes

With two young children, my favorite hobbies and pastimes revolve around them. I love to watch them at their various activities, whether they’re playing in the house or playing softball in the spring. I get my joy from them.  Snuggling on the couch with my family these days is as much fun as enjoying a fancy dinner. 

I want people to know that

I love to cook, experiment and try new foods.  I hate making the same thing twice but with a husband, two children, a job and extra curricular activities, simple recipes make it to the forefront.  One of my friends and I like to get together and try new recipes. We work so well in the kitchen that we read each other’s minds. We anticipate each other’s next move. I can be stirring the pot, walk away and she’ll just pick up where I left off in the recipe.  We always joke around about opening a catering business or event planning because we both have joy in this.