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Rob Lewis

Travel Consultant

For over twenty-three years, Rob has been planning and directing student tours, both in the United States and all over the world, so he has some incredible stories to tell. Rob loves BRT’s hands on approach to travel planning – he works side-by-side with directors and teachers through the whole process, from the initial brainstorming of trip ideas all the way until the group returns from their destination. His idea of “hands on” doesn’t just apply to planning – he’ll personally transport your group’s instruments by gondola if you’re ever performing in Venice (true story).

My favorite travel memory

I remember traveling to Mackinac Island for the first time with a group.  I didn’t know anything about Mackinac Island and I fell in love with the island, as did everyone in my group.  Little did I know or expect then that ten years later, I would have my wedding on the island!

My hobbies and pastimes

Each year I plan our family vacation.  I enjoy the challenge of creating the perfect trip for my wife and son.  Even if it’s a destination that I have already been to, I try to find things that I haven’t done but that all of us will enjoy. 

My favorite travel destination

I loved traveling with a high school band to Italy.  There is so much history and character there.  I remember one of the students asking me why I was smiling all the time.  I looked at her and said, “I’m working in Italy.  It doesn’t get better than this!”