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Sarah Rio

Administrative Sales Assistant

Sarah has spent a great deal of her life on the stage – from acting in plays and musicals, performing in band and choir, to participating in community theater as an adult – performing is one of her life-long passions. Working with directors and their students allows her to use this passion on a daily basis, as she helps realize the travel dreams of young performers. She wears many hats at BRT, but one of her favorite things about her job is planning appreciation events for BRT clients, such as golf outings and baseball games, where directors can relax and enjoy some down time with colleagues and friends.

My favorite travel memory

Traveling to Walt Disney World with my almost two-year-old son and seeing his excitement and happiness there for the first time was the most amazing experience.

My favorite travel destination

I have always wanted to go to Ireland, to see the ruins and the local customs, or to Greece, to see the ancient sites and the Mediterranean.

My favorite book

My favorite book is called The Road Taken by Rona Jaffe.  It tells the story of a ten-year-old girl at her mother’s funeral in 1910.  It goes through the whole century- her children, and their children, and each chapter is from a different family member’s perspective.