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Brian Rogers

Travel Consultant

Armed with a passion for education and a degree in travel and tourism, Brian has been providing amazing student travel experiences to his clients for nearly fifteen years. Brian’s knowledge of destinations throughout the nation, combined with his desire to meet the educational needs of students, means personalized service and meaningful tours that will broaden perspectives and ignite imaginations. With each and every itinerary, Brian’s favorite part of the process is working closely with the group leader, listening to his or her ideas and then helping realize that vision.

My favorite travel memory

Walt Disney World with my whole family.  My wife and I took our two boys for the very first time recently.  My parents, sister and husband and two boys, and my brother also made the trip.  I have been there so many times for work and even worked there for almost a year out of college. My wife has been several times as well.  However, this time was VERY different, since I got to see it through the eyes of my young boys.  They let me experience Walt Disney World in a way that I could have never imagined and the “magic” made that week will stay with us forever. 

My hobbies and pastimes

Golf, family camping (we have a camper), deer hunting, and being very involved with coaching different sports for my boys. 

I want people to know that

I am extremely proud of my kids.  Seeing them succeed (and fail) in the things they are experiencing right now in life gets me choked up because I am so incredibly proud of them.  Seeing the excitement in their eyes when they accomplish something is like nothing else.