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Caro Uhlemann-Short

International Travel Consultant

Born and raised in Germany and equipped with an extensively stamped passport, Caro is a wonderful asset to the BRT team in her role as an international travel consultant. Her broad travel experience, combined with an undergraduate degree in travel and tourism management, as well as graduate work in education, have given Caro a contagious passion for showing students the world. She loves working stateside, planning exciting student experiences with directors and teachers but is equally thrilled to personally direct tours and attend student concerts.

My favorite travel memory

Exploring Thailand with the Lions Club of Michigan and riding elephants through the jungle and a river!

My hobbies and pastimes

Snowboarding in the Alps, visiting Japan, studying in Providence, Rhode Island while living in one of the most beautiful parts of Massachusetts, teaching two German preschool classes and sharing some of my German childhood memories and books and movies with my kids.

My favorite travel destination

Dresden, Germany – Frauenkirche.  This city was bombed at the end of the 2nd World War and was restored in 2006 by money donated from people all over the world.  The grandson of the pilot that dropped the bomb made the golden cross on the top of the church.  The plaza now is fully restored and it feels like you are back in the 1920’s on a nice sunny day.