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Michelle Potts

Travel Coordinator

Michelle enjoys that she can combine her love of education and organization into one career that has such an impact on students’ lives.  A graduate of Millikin University, Michelle holds an undergraduate degree in communication, but spent much of her time in college focusing on early childhood education – when she wasn’t swimming or coaching, that is.  She enjoys learning about new destinations and the unique, exciting opportunities they hold for young students. 

My favorite travel memory

My favorite travel memory would have to be when my family and I traveled to Ireland. The opportunity to travel to a new country and see our family’s history was truly the best!

My hobbies and pastimes

I enjoy swimming, bike riding, triathlons, snowboarding, and heading to the lake on summer days. Anything that involves being outside and in the sun, I enjoy!

I’d love to travel to

I would love to travel to Australia to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef and see the beautiful skyline of Sydney. I would also love to travel to a destination that was hosting the Summer Olympics. The opportunity to see incredible athletes live would be an experience I would never forget.