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Susan Rodriguez

Travel Coordinator

Music.  Travel.  Meeting new people.  All things that Susan loves and has the opportunity to experience in her role at BRT.  A former music educator, Susan combines her music experience with her love of travel destination research to create amazing experiences that will impact student performers.  She says figuring out how to put all the pieces of a trip together is like assembling a giant puzzle – and she’s definitely up for the challenge.

My favorite travel destination

My favorite place to travel is Colorado.  I love the mountains, both seeing them and being in them.  It is such a different world from Illinois, where I grew up.  I also have family that lives in Colorado, so traveling there lets me spend time with them!

My favorite book

It is difficult for me to choose one favorite book, because I have read so many wonderful ones!  I do lean toward science fiction and fantasy books.  Some of my favorites are Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.  It amazes me how he was able to keep the characters and story line intriguing enough to keep me interested for 14 books!

My hobbies and pastimes

Spending time with my family (and my three dogs) is my top priority.  Some of our favorite things to do together are going hiking and camping.  I also love cooking, running and reading!