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Jenny Fackler

Travel Coordinator

Jenny’s favorite part of her work at BRT? The relationships. Jenny works closely with BRT’s many vendors around the world, as well as our incredible clients, and she loves the connections she makes with each one. She enjoys learning about new and exciting opportunities and then realizing those travel dreams for directors and their students. Having traveled internationally as a student herself, she knows how meaningful the relationships that are forged during student travel experiences can be.

My favorite travel memory

My favorite travel memory was taking a night train from Berlin, Germany to Krakow, Poland. There were four of us packed into a very small room, but it was the experience that mattered most. It was very tiny, but such a fun experience altogether.

My favorite travel destination

My favorite travel destination ever is Prague. It still has all of its original character and charm. The colorful buildings and cobblestone roads are beautiful. Prague has so much culture and it’s such an interesting place where you don’t have to plan anything. It was fun to just walk around, step into some shops, and observe its natural beauty. 

My favorite movie character

My favorite movie character has always been Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She’s spontaneous and adventurous, and she is someone I can relate to. She also has a beautiful voice!