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Jennifer Charboneau

Travel Coordinator

Jennifer’s love of travel began early, and she remembers very clearly the sights and sounds of new and exciting destinations. Because of these early travel memories, she believes the difference is in the details when it comes to incredible student travel. While Jennifer enjoys every part of the travel planning process, she feels that the smallest details are some of the most important and most remembered – that’s why she loves bringing together the big picture as well as the small, special highlights into one fantastic experience. She handles both the big and small details with great care, knowing that she’s giving our clients the peace of mind they need to enjoy every part of the process.

My favorite travel memory

Some of my most vivid travel memories are from a trip my family took to Bermuda when I was young.  It’s a friendly and beautiful place.  It was so exciting to explore the island on motorbikes and to meet the locals and other travelers from all over the world.  The island’s beauty is incredible with pink sand beaches and crystal clear water – very different from anything I’d ever seen.

My hobbies and pastimes

I love food… reading about it, trying new foods, cooking for family and friends.    Much of our family time seems like dashing from activity to activity so when I can get organized and have good food to fuel us everybody is happy.

My favorite travel destination

My absolute favorite destination is New York City.  The energy of the city and the incredible array of cultural offerings and restaurants make it a unique experience no matter how much time you’ve spent there.