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Alyssa Hosking

Travel Consultant

Music and traveling. It’s difficult to tell which passion Alyssa loves more, so it’s fitting that she gets to enjoy both in her role here at BRT. A self-described “travel enthusiast,” Alyssa played the role of family tour guide as a child, learning the history of their travel destinations so she could share her findings with the rest of her family. She discovered that she enjoyed sharing new places with her students as well when she became a music educator after falling in love with choral music in high school. Alyssa feels that the most exciting part of her job is working with directors to create the perfect trip for their programs, filled with the performance and clinic opportunities that she loved sharing with her own students.

My favorite travel memory

Over Thanksgiving 2016, I traveled to Paris and London with my mom on a girls’ trip to see the new Harry Potter play The Cursed Child. The whole trip was amazing, and it was so great to spend time with my mom exploring Europe.

My hobbies and pastimes

When I’m not working or singing, I’m usually playing tennis with my husband (and winning), doing yoga, running, kayaking, going hiking or to the dog park with my dachshunds, KitKat and Roman, reading, listening to podcasts, catching up on my favorite TV shows or baking.

My favorite book

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. The book explains the four agreements you make with yourself to live a balanced life and to perceive the world around you in a positive way.