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Jennifer Shiplet

Senior Travel Coordinator & Vendor Relations Coordinator

Jennifer sees each trip she plans like a puzzle; with patience and focus, you can move things around to make all of the pieces fit just right – and she loves the challenge of getting everything to fall into place. She holds a degree in music, fifteen years of experience as a percussionist and has traveled extensively both within the United States and abroad. Her experience, education and passion for travel make her a perfect fit at BRT.

My favorite travel memory

In 2006, I had the opportunity to travel to China.  The week I spent there was filled with many incredible moments.  However, probably one of the most memorable was climbing the Great Wall of China.  The sheer magnitude of the wall, combined with the beauty of the surroundings was breathtaking. 

My hobbies and pastimes

In my free time, I enjoy all things musical and culinary.  I am an active percussionist.  I play in several orchestras, and enjoy going to the symphony.  You will find a wide variety of music on my iPod.  I also enjoy spending time in the kitchen trying out new recipes.  If you ask my coworkers, they will tell you, as they have delighted in more than one scrumptious morsel. 

My favorite movie character

Jason Bourne – In the Bourne Trilogy, Matt Damon is quick on his feet, intelligent, multi-lingual, detail-oriented, and quick to act.  Challenges do not deter him.  The Bourne Trilogy is a great action series.