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Candace Brown

Travel Consultant

A passion for visiting new places and a heart for students are what inspire Candace to plan life-changing travel experiences for groups across the country.  With a degree in recreation, parks and tourism from Western Illinois University, she enjoys organizing even the smallest details of student travel – from selecting the perfect activities and restaurants, to scoring access to popular events and excursions.  And while Candace may never personally meet some of the students she arranges trips for, she loves knowing that she’s influenced their lives through travel.

My favorite travel memory

I took a road trip in college to Charleston, South Carolina with my girlfriends. It doesn’t get much better than traveling all day in a car with your best friends.  We had lots of laughs, several wrong turns and great memories in a beautiful city! 

My hobbies and pastimes

I enjoy shopping, attempting new recipes, spending time with my husband and children, and visiting and catching up with family and friends.   At some point in my life I hope to make traveling for leisure a pastime!

My favorite travel destination

I have several favorites.  Hawaii is absolutely stunning and the weather couldn’t be any better.  I felt like I was in a different world when I traveled there.  I also have enjoyed the time I’ve spent in New York City.  I loved the busy streets, the tall buildings and historic lower Manhattan, particularly Little Italy and Chinatown.   I get excited to travel, especially to destinations I have never been to.  There is always something exciting about seeing and experiencing things you have only seen in movies or read about.