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Terri Jo Fox

Travel Consultant

For 18 years, Terri Jo worked with students as a choral music teacher in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Florida. Her priority as an educator was to teach her young vocalists how to be intelligent musicians, through the knowledge the gained in the classroom and the experience they earned on stage. Throughout her education career, Terri Jo frequently traveled with her 300-student strong choir to performances and competitions, often earning superior ratings. Today, in her role of travel consultant, she understands both the demands and impact of student travel, and loves to help clients see that they can dream big and achieve beyond what they think is possible.

My favorite travel memory

When I was in college at UW-Eau Claire, I delayed graduation by one semester so I could go to Europe with Concert Choir. Performing in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and Notre Dame in Paris was surreal. Visiting many small villages in England, France, and Germany, all with mammoth cathedrals, felt like we stepped into a postcard. The friendships I made and fostered on that trip are still strong twenty years later. Making music together while traveling combines two of my greatest passions, and I love how these trips change every one of us for the better.

My favorite book

“The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon is a must-read for any of us who have struggled with challenges and negativity in life. Energy is infectious, whether it’s positive or negative. This book tells the story of a man whose life is falling apart, but when he steps on to the Energy Bus, he learns ten rules for approaching his life and work with positive and forward thinking that ultimately leads him to true and authentic success. We are the driver of our bus, and if we fuel our bus with positive energy and share our vision for the road ahead while loving our passengers, we will enjoy the ride.

My favorite travel destination

California is my favorite place to visit because of its diversity of beauty. You can start at the beach, drive an hour, and you’re at the top of a mountain in a completely different climate. My family has created so many precious memories at Disneyland, but I am convinced that Yosemite National Park is the most magical place on earth. Last summer, my husband Ty and I hiked the Panorama Trail from Glacier Point, down 3,000 feet in elevation, to Yosemite Valley. The waterfalls were overflowing from a record snowmelt, and my aching body days after the hike were worth every moment of beauty. We can’t wait for our girls to get a bit older so we can go back with them!