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Alex Peters

Sales Development Representative

One trip to Oregon with his high school track team was all it took for Alex to see the tremendous impact of student travel. Seeing the ocean for the first time, bonding with his teammates and exploring a new part of the world sealed the deal and guides him in his day to day work at BRT. Generating new business opportunities and working with prospective BRT clients gives Alex the opportunity to share that same experience with hundreds of students. Equal parts athlete, musician and artist, Alex understands how the many travel experiences BRT offers can inspire different types of students.

My favorite travel memory 

My favorite travel memory would have to have been my trip to Oregon with my track team. We had qualified for an important meet at the University of Oregon. However, as a special graduation (high school) gift, our coach took us early for a few days at the beach. It was my first time seeing the ocean. The coast was beautiful, the seafood was amazing, and the drive was one of the most scenic I have ever experienced. We all almost forgot we were there for a track meet! 

My hobbies and pastimes 

I enjoy exercising, drawing, playing my instruments, and reading comics. From middle school to high school I was ranked nationally for racewalking in track and cross country, while also being a varsity cross country/track runner on my high school team. Until an injury my freshmen year of college, I was on several USA teams that traveled in and out of the US. I have been drawing since I was little, but in college I decided to take on an art minor to continue advancing my capabilities. I played oboe starting in 5thgrade and the alto saxophone starting in middle school and played both all through college. 

My favorite travel destination

Oregon, the coast is the most breathtaking place I have ever seen.