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Build in 2022: Six ways travel can help your program grow

Jan 31, 2022

Happy New Year, travelers! We couldn’t be more excited about everything we’ve got planned for 2022 (and beyond!); but more importantly, we can’t wait to see how travel will impact students, directors and programs across the country this year. 

We have over 600 trips on the calendar for this travel year – that means over 50,000 student performers are going to explore new places and new stages in 2022. The directors we work with choose to incorporate travel into their plans because these life-changing travel experiences impact their programs in big ways. Here’s what they share with us:

Travel is a natural recruiter

A trip on the calendar is a huge incentive for new students to join your program, especially after two years of being stuck at home. Over 60% of students say that their program’s student travel experience is a big reason they decided to participate! It also could make all the difference for students who have left your program and are considering returning.

Travel keeps students engaged

Even before the pandemic, your program had to compete with all the activity possibilities students could choose. An exciting travel experience not only draws students to your program, but helps keep them there. As one director shared, 

“Students chose to stay in band this year in large part because they don’t want to miss out on the trip we have planned for next year.”

Travel creates stability

It’s been a challenging two years for everyone, but especially for students. After so much unpredictability, your students are craving normal and a planned travel experience is just the ticket. When students and their parents understand that that your program is planning for the “new normal,” they’ll be more likely to stick with you, even if plans have to change.

Travel helps students grow 

Something amazing happens when students leave home for a performance travel experience. They grow in maturity and learn to how to be travelers (not tourists!). Not only are they learning valuable life lessons, student performers enjoy incredible music lessons too through our expert-led clinics.  

Travel builds momentum 

There’s an excitement that grows as soon as an upcoming trip is announced. So much anticipation builds as students and parents start planning, fundraising and counting down the days together. This momentum also draws the attention of prospective students that won’t want to miss out on the fun next year.

Travel creates a legacy for your program

Building an awesome culture for your program doesn’t happen by accident – and travel is just one piece to the puzzle. Band camp, car washes, competitions, concerts – every moment your students work together towards a common goal, they’re growing closer. Promote those opportunities, talk them up to your students – or better yet, have your older students talk them up to the newer kids. Because when everyone’s together, something magic happens.

Now is the perfect time to dream up an incredible travel experience for your students. Not sure where to start? Check out our planning guides for information and inspiration – or just reach out. We’re always ready to start dreaming!

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