Five reasons to plan your 2022 trip NOW

Apr 8, 2021

Travel Notes

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Back in February we talked about how rapidly the travel landscape was changing. We could see then that the travel deals – both low prices and wide availability -created by the pandemic were only going to last for so long. Clients started booking in droves in February and not just rebooking cancelled trips, but pulling the trigger on new trips.

So far, during this spring travel planning season, we’ve seen an increase of 35% in bookings – that’s up from a normal year, where we’re typically planning hundreds of trips by now. Our clients are planning 2022 trips, buying travel at great prices, and we’re thrilled that we can help them score those reservations. Here’s what they’re taking advantage of:

1. Availability

After the challenges of the 2020-2021 school year, it can be hard to see 2022 out there on the horizon. But the reality is that a Spring 2022 trip is only 10-12 months away. We’ve always recommended booking a trip 12-15 months out, in large part to take advantage of availability. If your group wants to explore a popular destination at a popular time and experience incredible attractions and performance venues, it’s critical to think ahead.  The travel opportunities in 2022 are still fantastic, but we know that the best flights, hotels and experiences are filling up much faster than usual. 

2. Reasonable prices … for now

The entire travel industry took a hit in 2020, but it’s rebounding faster than any of us could have hoped. The prices we’re seeing today are the prices we’re used to, but we know they’ll soon be affected by simple supply and demand. As demand continues to explode, supply will begin to shrink and prices will start to climb. We’re forecasting a 20-30% increase as early as this summer. It’s also important to remember that our team isn’t booking travel in a vacuum. We’re competing with the backlog of everyone wanting to travel, not just student groups. All the travelers who have been waiting to take those personal trips are snapping up reasonable prices too.

3. Recruitment / Retention for your program

We realize that many of our clients’ programs endured significant challenges this past school year. One of which is dwindling numbers of students participating. Having a trip on the calendar is a great way to keep the students you have and invite back some you may have lost – and gain new students. Don’t forget, your existing students are the best “spokes-kids” your program could ever have!

4. Destination possibilities

We’ve talked about availability, but we’re not just seeing increased demand for transportation, lodging and itinerary highlights. We’re expecting some destinations to be out of reach for those travelers who choose to book too late. One especially popular example is Orlando. If your group has been dreaming of performing at the Walt Disney World® Resort, those opportunities might be much more limited than they have been in years past due to the new application process, higher demand, and their 50th Anniversary Celebration.

5. More time to fundraise

The pandemic challenged the finances of so many families across the country, so we know that paying for travel may seem overwhelming for some of your students. Planning now gives them more time to save, fundraise and find creative ways of financing their trips. Best of all, our Trip Assurance Program allows you to plan your trip without financial risk.

We’re ready to plan an incredible trip for your students whenever you’re ready, but we encourage you to consider planning now. If you’re ready, or simply want more information, reach out today


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