A Guide to Essential Pre-Trip Forms

Dec 16, 2014

Travel Notes

If you are one of the many groups choosing to travel with us in this spring, your BRT team has likely begun reminding you about the various pre-trip forms we will be needing prior to your tour. Crossing these items off of your list now is a great way to set your trip up for success.

The following are the most commonly needed lists, why they are important, and how we use them to perfect your tour:

(Depending upon your trip’s specifics, you may need to complete additional – or fewer – documents.)

Rooming List

Filling out this list of who will be occupying each room is a great way for you to finalize exactly who will be traveling. You can either fill it out yourself, or post it on the wall for a few days for the students to complete 75 days prior to travel. It is important to make sure everyone who is traveling, and no one who isn’t, is on this list. Aspects of your trip, such as the number of rooms needed at the hotel, and museum/theatre ticket purchases, can only be finalized after the rooming list is complete. Once this process is done, you will receive your trip’s final balance.

Dietary Restrictions Form

Every participant should have access to a complete meal, at every restaurant on your group’s itinerary. When you provide this list, our team contacts each restaurant to ensure any special needs can be accommodated. Sending this list to BRT 75 days in advance ensures everyone’s dietary needs can be accommodated.

Performance Essentials List

The performance is a critical component of most tours, and ensuring that the right equipment is ready is essential to your success. Sharing your equipment needs with us ensures items like chairs and stands can be rented, if a venue does not provide them. Be sure to include everything you will need on this list, so that it can all be ready to go when you arrive at the venue.

Air Manifest (For Flying Groups)

The air manifest is an important step toward finalizing your airline tickets. Deadlines vary, but a good rule of thumb is to have the list ready 4 months in advance. This list will need the first, middle, and last name, as well as the full birthdate, of everyone flying. Make sure all names are spelled correctly to avoid delays at the check-in counter. The list must be completely accurate, as airlines will not allow us to reduce the number of seats after they have been ticketed.

Equipment List (For Flying Groups)

Airlines often require a list of the equipment that will be traveling. Once you have sent us this list, we can help you find which items can be consolidated into fewer bags, or even carried onto the plane, so that you may cut down on any potential bag fees. This will also help you be best prepared for check-in at the airport. At times, it may be less costly to send an equipment truck to the destination ahead of time, or rent large instruments at your destination, to eliminate many of these baggage fees.

Having all of these lists to BRT on time ensures your trip will go off without a hitch! If you have any further questions about these pre-trip documents, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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