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How to Beat Inflation

Sep 22, 2022

Anyone else tired of dealing with inflation?

From the grocery store to the gas pump, all of us are feeling it and the travel industry certainly isn’t immune. But what if instead of talking about inflation, we could do our best to beat it? While we can’t be sure of what the future holds for travel prices, we can do a few things TODAY to get ahead of any increases that may come our way in the months to come. So, today’s the day, folks. Let’s talk about ways you can beat inflation at its own game.


This is the easiest way to tackle future inflation – book travel at today’s prices so you’re protected from higher prices in the future. Airfare, hotels, attractions and more all have fluid pricing that can change based on supply, demand, the economy, the news cycle, you name it. Booking early guarantees you a specific rate that you can bank on for the duration of the planning process. No surprises, no stress – take that, inflation.

Planning early doesn’t just secure your best rate. In many cases, it secures your ability to travel at all. We’re seeing more and more things sell out quickly because overall supply is lower. There are simply fewer “seats” available than before the pandemic, as vendors across the industry have scaled down staffing and availability. So don’t wait, because that trip you’ve been dreaming of is only a reality if it’s booked!


When it comes to performance travel, no one is more excited than your students – they don’t need a lot of convincing to sign up for an awesome trip to an amazing destination with all of their friends. Their parents are often an entirely different story. Few people are more stressed about inflation than parents of teenagers, so the best way to ease their concerns and help them feel confident about spending their hard-earned money on next year’s big trip is to communicate clearly, early and often. Give them as much information as you can, as early as you can so they have time to plan, save and pay for this incredible experience. When parents have 12-15 months to slowly and steadily pay for their student’s trip, the expense feels more manageable in those bite-sized payments. And they’ll have access to our BRT Payment System that makes the entire process easy for them and easy for you.

Stick to a STRATEGY

Fundraising can make all the difference when you’re fighting inflation. If you’ve put together a fundraising plan and have provided students and their parents with fun, productive ways to get involved, your group will be able to forecast and control pricing in a powerful way. But sticking to a strategy doesn’t happen by accident – that’s why we’ve put together a Fundraising Guide packed with proven fundraising ideas and tools to help you develop a plan that will work for you and your performers.

Choose a solid PARTNER

Over forty years in the student travel industry have earned us some valuable buying power. When we couple that with our lasting vendor relationships, our clients have access to both exclusive pricing and broader possibilities. It’s our privilege to partner with schools and leverage our position in the industry to make incredible performance tours possible. We’re proud members of the Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA), the National Tour Association, Disney Youth Travel Planners Symposium and more, giving our clients even better access to amazing experiences.

When you have time on your side, empowered parents, a winning fundraising plan and a strong travel partner, inflation doesn’t stand a chance! Learn more about how BRT can design a performance travel experience for your school by connecting with one of experienced our Travel Consultants – they’re ready to answer your questions about destinations, costs, safety and whatever else is on your mind. But don’t wait, since planning early is the most effective tool in your inflation-busting toolbox!

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