Life at BRT – Our favorite memories from 2016

Dec 20, 2016

Travel Notes

Moments matter to us. Whether they’re experienced by our students and directors, or our own colleagues and friends. As we end another great year of creating opportunities for students to make meaningful memories, we’re taking a moment to share our own favorites from this year.

Family milestones

Favorite moment – August 10, 2016 – I gave birth to my second child, my first daughter.  Inarguably my best moment of 2016 – my precious little peanut Lucy at only 6 pounds and one ounce. — Sarah Rio
I moved into my first home! — Mary Kate Hayden

My favorite memory from 2016 was giving birth to my 3rd baby and spending the whole summer on maternity leave with my family!! – Candace Brown

Spending an entire week with my girls and our beloved animals at the 4H fair showcasing and helping others experience farm animals. And our baby goats being born! – Caro Uhlemann-Short

This summer I found out I’m expecting my second baby in February! — Emily Cropper

My favorite memory from 2016 has to be the birth of my daughter, Aviana.  It’s hard to describe the feeling of when you have a baby born.  You have never loved someone as immediately and as much as you do with the birth of your child.  To see their face, hear their voice and hold them for the first time… it’s incredible. – Todd Rogers 

Memories on the road

I traveled to Croatia with 20 of my best friends – we took part in “Sailweek Croatia” and sailed around the Adriatic Sea for 8 days on a Catamaran, stopping each day at a different small island port. And then I got engaged mid-flight on the way to Las Vegas in October!!!  — Katie Mokrzycki

My favorite memory of 2016 is starting my time at BRT.  I was also able to travel to Orlando twice in 2016 and experience the new attractions and hotels at Disney and Universal.  — Dave Hamilton

My amazing vacation to Hawaii this summer. — David Brachmann

This year my fiancé (Robb Showalter) and I got engaged. We hiked to the top of a mountain and it was very hot that day and even though I was hot and sweaty, he asked me to marry him in our favorite country and shrine. – Melony Kohlmeier

My favorite memory from 2016 is getting engaged to the girl of my dreams in Kyoto, Japan. It gives us an excellent excuse to return to our favorite country many times in the future. – Robb Showalter

The BRT family

The BRT Cook-off every year is always a great memory. We divide up into teams and make lunch for the office on Fridays in fall. We compete, have fun and enjoy a “free” meal for a few months.  – Stacey Kilroy

The BRT quote book was a favorite memory of mine from 2016.  In honor of our 35th anniversary, we decided to hold interviews of our team and compile some quotes to commemorate the milestone.  The book turned out better than we could have expected.  It’s filled with incredible quotes from our team and really speaks to the culture and values of BRT.  We are so fortunate to work with amazing clients and an incredible group of colleagues.  It’s evident in everything we do that our team values the relationships with their clients, employees and vendors. – Todd Rogers


These moments matter to us because each one means so much to a part of our family here at BRT. As a new year approaches, we’re excited for all of the moments that 2017 has in store for our own families, our BRT team and the thousands of students that will make new travel memories on our performance and educational tours. To learn more about the travel opportunities that could await your students next year and beyond, contact us today!

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