Not Too Late – Planning Your Group’s Last Minute Trip

Oct 13, 2016

Travel Notes

Last minute planners, rejoice! While the clock is definitely ticking, there’s still time to book an incredible student travel experience for the 2017 school year. If you thought you’d missed your chance to plan a spring or summer tour for your students, we’re here to help you get a last minute student tour on the calendar and off the ground before the holidays are upon us. Let’s get started:

Know the goal

We’ve learned that identifying the WHY (or goals) of your group’s performance tour is a better place to start than the WHERE or the HOW – even if you’re planning a last minute tour. Knowing what you want your students to gain from this experience allows you to wisely choose both a destination and tour experiences that will be the most meaningful for your unique group of student performers. Do you want your students to have the opportunity to perform in incredible venues? Are they eager to compete against other groups or would they gain more by participating in clinics with renowned instructors? Are you inspiring a new community of students that need to bond as a group or leading an established program that is ready to take a city by storm? Whatever your goal, we’re here to offer expert counsel and help you choose the customized travel experience that’s perfect for your students.

Map it out

Once you’ve mapped out the goals of your tour, it’s time to decide where you’re off to. With a tighter planning timeframe, we suggest that you choose a destination that fits with your goals, and is within an overnight drive by tour bus. Driving saves both money and time and gives you more flexibility than flying, as your arrival and departure won’t be limited to flight schedules. Your students are most likely already accustomed to traveling by bus and love the camaraderie and bonding that naturally comes with a road trip. No tickets to keep up with and no security to plan around – win win. Need a few destination suggestions? We have some great ideas here.

Rally the troops

Get parents involved right away – time is of the essence. Excited parents will be your best ambassadors, fundraisers and cheerleaders throughout this process.   Schedule a parent meeting as soon as possible to share the exciting details of your upcoming trip, as well as all the logistics, costs and timeline information that parents will have questions about. If this is your first trip as a group (or your 13th!), we can help with some fail-proof ways to create excitement at your parent meetings and get everyone on board quickly. The faster you can get parents and students signed up and excited about the trip, the more time you’ll have for fundraising activities – and we can help get those up and running as well.

Lean on us

While you’re preparing your students and working with parents on fundraising, we’re busy doing what we do best – handling every last detail of your trip so you don’t have to. Late in the game planning can mean that some hotels or experiences are already booked; however, our lasting relationships with vendors across the country allow us to tackle tighter timelines and potentially pull off some last-minute magic. Regardless of how far ahead you schedule your student tour, we’ve got the planning process down to a science and will keep you on time, on track and on budget, with plenty of time to meet deadlines. Stay focused on what you do best – teaching and inspiring students – and we’ll handle the rest.

To explore your options for a last-minute 2017 performance trip, contact us today – you’ll be surprised at the incredible experiences we can arrange for you, even with a quicker timeframe.

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