Planning Your Student Performance Trip on a Budget

Mar 10, 2015

Travel Notes

A common misconception we hear is that performance travel is too expensive. In truth, a group on almost any budget can travel to a number of world class destinations in the United States. Here are some tips that can help you reduce the cost of your tour:

Almost any group can experience the excitement of a performance tour.[/caption]

Keep Your Feet on the Ground 

The cost of flying for a group is much greater than that of individuals. Taking a motor coach to your destination not only cuts down on costs, but also on many of the hassles associated with air travel.

Maximize Seats on your Motor Coach

Ultimately, you have to pay the same amount for each motor coach, no matter if there are 5 or 55 people on them. The more travelers on each coach, the more the cost per person will go down. The best tip is not to open a trip up to more travelers unless you have enough interest to fill another motor coach. 

Limit Group Meals

Typically, BRT includes 2 meals (Breakfast and Dinner) on each day of your tour. We can customize the number – and type – of meals each day to fit your budget.

Pick Hotels Outside the City

The truth is it can be quite expensive for a group to stay in Manhattan in New York City, or The Loop in Chicago. Outside of the city, there is a vast assortment of wonderful hotels that can fit any budget. There is also a much better chance those hotels will have a pool, something that is always a hit with students.

Sleep En Route 

Assuming your destination is six or more hours away, driving overnight is an easy way to cut out two nights of hotel accommodations. BRT can plan your transfers so they leave at night, and arrive early in the morning.

Cut Out Overnight Security

The peace of mind which comes from having professional overnight security is well worth the cost. However, if your group is on a tight budget, consider assigning security tasks to chaperones and a roll of masking tape.

Minimize Chaperone Packages 

Although it can be nice to have all of your chaperones travel for free, this will greatly increase each students cost of the trip. The fewer chaperone packages you have, the lower the cost to the student.

Stick With One Theme Park 

For groups visiting the “Theme Park Capital of the World”, the cost of visiting multiple Orlando area theme park destinations is greater than limiting your tour to one. If your group is on a tight budget, it may be best to choose between the options available. 

Eliminate Large Ticket Items

Cutting down on the number of expensive activities you have will help reduce your trip costs. For example, instead of attending two Broadway shows in New York, cut it to one and give students some free time to explore Times Square on the second night. You can also substitute that higher-priced option with a less expensive evening activity, like a visit to the Top of The Rock Observatory.

Pick a Budget Friendly Destination 

Some destinations are simply more expensive than others. Our recent blog post looks at four destinations that are ideal for a last-minute trip, or a group on a budget.

The ability to completely customize your student performance tour to your group’s specific budget is one of many benefits of choosing Bob Rogers Travel. Contact us today for more ideas and to start planning. 

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