Olivia Joehl

Associate Event and Marketing Coordinator

Learn how our team works together behind the scenes to provide exceptional travel experiences.

Meet Olivia

With her experience in youth sales from the Walt Disney World Resort, Olivia knows just how impactful performance travel can be for students. She plans conferences and client events, showcasing the work we do while making our clients and partners feel welcomed, appreciated and valued. Olivia loves learning about the destinations we travel to and can’t wait to hit the road for some world travels of her own. 

Olivia Joehl

Olivia Joehl

Associate Event and Marketing Coordinator

Extension: 266

My favorite travel memory

I haven’t done a lot of traveling yet, but now that I’m done with school I’m hoping to cross some more destinations off my bucket list. One of my favorite places I’ve visited is Savannah, GA. I love the art, music, architecture, and history that Savannah holds for those who visit. Some of my top travel destinations I want to visit are Greece, Amsterdam, and Bali.

My hobbies and pastimes

Outside of work you’ll most often find me writing for my personal blog. I love to cook, run, and listen to true crime podcasts. On most Sunday’s you’ll find me brunching at a new restaurant with my boyfriend.

My favorite travel destination

My favorite travel destination is New York City. My sister has lived there for 4 years and I visit at least once a year. I love NYC because you can find so many different cultures and experiences each time you go. Some of my favorite attractions are 10 Hudson Yards, Black Tap, and the Brooklyn Bridge. What I love most about visiting my sister in New York is that we don’t have to plan every second of our trip. If we don’t get to see or do something, we put it on the list for next time!


The personal touches that BRT provides. Your company gets to know the people they work with. I have never felt like a "number" with BRT.

Leslie Schmidt
Class Trip, 2018 DC tour
Columbia Central Junior High School


I appreciated the flexibility Bob Rogers showed us with the billing and various payments we had to make. We thought we were adding more and ended up not but you were great about giving us extra time to work out what we needed to on our end.

Loraine Wistrom
Band, 2017 Chicago tour
Plum Grove Junior High School


BRT is always on top of all details. Even when something has slipped through the cracks, changed, or something unexpected comes up, BRT is flexible enough to make the changes needed to make everything right. We have always been so well taken care of and the personal attention is what makes your company special.

Dameon Place
Band, ’18-19 Orlando tour
Pella Community High School


This was my 5th trip with Bob Rogers, and I appreciate the professionalism and also the willingness to work with me and my students to make each trip the very best it can be.

Trey Jacobs
Choir, ’18- 19 Atlanta &Tuscaloosa Tour
Nashville School of the Arts


You make the process so easy - step-by-step of what needs to be done, guidance along the way, available (and quick) to respond to questions and making me feel like me and my students are your priority.

Beth Vaughn
Choir, ’17-18 New York City tour
Bowling Green High School


The quality of service that you provided us with was second to none. The organization and communication were exceptional and we always felt we were in “the loop” on things both before and during the trip.

Bob Mecozzi
Band, ‘17-18 Orlando Tour
Amos Alonzo Stagg High School


BRT hands down has been the absolute best travel company I have worked with in my 18 years in education. My interactions with BRT have always been so much more than just traveling from one destination to another...the focus has always been on people and providing them with experiences of a lifetime.

Barry Houser
Band, ’17-18, Ireland tour
University of Illinois


From the scheduling, to planning, to overseeing, to leading, to customer service, everyone involved was courteous, prompt, and hospitable. Everyone did their jobs well and turned the trip experience into something better than we had anticipated.

David Dvorak
Band, ’17-18 Nashville Tour
Lakewood Middle School


Very Organized - even when problems develop. We've gone on enough trips with Bob Rogers to know how BRT operates - always first class, always prepared.

Joe Carl
Band, ’17 Los Angeles Tour
Sumner High School


The whole BRT team was extremely attentive, accommodating and reliable. Every detail was attended to and my stress level the entire trip was at an all-time low.

Joel Vanderheyden
Band, ’17-18 New Orleans Tour
Jefferson College

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