Stacey Kilroy

Travel Consultant

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A former elementary school teacher, Stacey knows the best ways to work with directors, students and their parents, coming up with creative ways to manage challenges and exceed expectations.  She’s developed lasting relationships during her years with BRT and loves meeting with directors like they are good friends. Every time she walks a client through an itinerary she’s created, she gets excited – she loves helping students emerge from their comfort zones and experience new things in the world.

Stacey Kilroy

Stacey Kilroy

Travel Consultant

Extension: 211

My favorite travel memory

My favorite travel memories have been ones traveling with my whole family, not just my husband and two kids.  We’ve visited Hawaii, Orlando for Disney World and Universal Orlando, road tripped to Cape Cod, and yearly trips to Northern Wisconsin.  Traveling with three generations gives a full perspective of the destination.  Grandparents see grandchildren playing on the beach or riding a rollercoaster. No matter the destination, the trip leaves lasting memories of being with family and stories that are told over and over again.

My hobbies and pastimes

Many of my pastimes and hobbies have evolved and changed to my two children’s activities. My daughter plays travel softball, which keeps us busy most weekends and my son is active in Taekwondo. I’ve joined the ranks of band booster parent as well. When I do get time to myself, I like reading my People magazine, watching home/cooking television and trying new restaurants or menu items.

My favorite travel destination

Any place I haven’t been yet, is my favorite destination. Planning for a location that I haven’t been is hard. It takes a lot of research, geography skills and patience. Once I’m done, I have an excitement to try to get there myself.  I want to try the restaurants, see the attractions, walk on the street, feel the vibe. I don’t think I have been to a city or state yet that I have thought “eh…not going back there”.

Moments that Matter …


Stacey & Kim – you guys were awesome every step of the way. Never had to wait for responses, and everything was as you said it would be. THANK YOU!

Jason Childers
South Caldwell HS Band, NC
Orlando April 2019


Kim Mikitka and Stacey Kilroy have been amazing! They have really helped me in my first major trip.

Jennifer Rickert
Zion Benton Twp HS Choir, IL
New York, March 2019


The primary reason to travel with BRT is the ease of planning. The BRT Team is very well versed in planning large scale trips and the make the entire process easy from the planning, payment through the execution, it is all simple and very manageable.

Mark Corey
Addison Trail HS Band, IL
Orlando, March 2019


You do a great job in helping with all of the planning, and any time an issue came up, we were able to refer it to you and it was taken care of.

David Smith
Yorkville HS Choir, IL
Orlando, March 2019


My colleague, Shawn, and I have been continually pleased with the service we’ve received from BRT. Stacey Kilroy and Jamie Glomp have been extremely accommodating and have made extended efforts to make sure our trip works for us.

Chris Bergh
St Croix Falls HS Band, WI
New York, March 2019


As a first-year teacher, the prospect of a large Senior high school trip was daunting, but Bob Rogers has made it almost worry-free! Both Stacey Kilroy and Kim Mikitka have been wonderful – answering all my questions and making the whole experience exceptional. 5 stars for both of them.

Frederick Rice
Mascoutah HS Choir, IL
New York, March 2019


I cannot stop shouting the praises of Bob Rogers Travel! Several of my colleagues have asked about how I managed to make this trip happen and I continue to tell them how you have done all of the heavy lifting.

Rebecca Craig
Moore Square Magnet Middle School, NC
September 2018


 I am always extremely pleased with Bob Rogers and rave about you to other directors any chance I get. I’ve been working with Stacey for years, and am now getting the privilege to work with Tom this year on an Ireland trip. They are both WONDERFUL. We will always use Bob Rogers. Your agents do an amazing job. They always consider my thoughts and are very punctual with their work. Thanks for checking in and for caring so much about what you do and what your company stands for. Enjoy this warm weather while it lasts!

Aimee Taylor
formerly LaSalle Peru HS Choir, IL
New Orleans, March 2018


Stacey Kilroy and Kim Mikitka have gone so far above and beyond what I would expected (or have experienced from other companies) to facilitate our upcoming trip to Disney World. I certainly have had some unexpected twists on our end with last minute cancellations and such and they have been extremely helpful, not to mention sympathetic. I cannot thank them or you enough.

Dana Ayers
Stillwater HS Choir, OK
Orlando, March 2018


I recommend bob Rogers travel to every director I know!! I have used several other companies, nobody even approaches the service I have received with Stacey.. Super satisfied!!

Lorry Hartley
retired Radford School Band, TX
Nashville, TN, April 2018

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