The Awesome Big Apple – 10 Reasons we love NYC

May 23, 2019

Travel Notes

10 Reasons we love NYC

We’ve shared the ten reasons we love our hometown of Chicago, but today we’re talking about another BRT favorite – New York City! But capturing just ten reasons is like asking us to eat just one bite of a Coney Island hotdog. Here goes nothing!

1. Broadway

No trip to New York City is complete without taking in a show. From tried and true favorites like The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera or Wickedto the hottest tickets in town like Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen or Waitress, there are so many options – all of which will have your students singing the whole way home.

2. Clinics

Catch a performance then debrief with and learn from the performers themselves in clinics, master classes and workshops. Students have the opportunity to learn from Broadway actors, musicians from the New York Philharmonic, master clinicians at a local university or Broadway performers.

3. 9/11 History

Your students are too young to have lived the tragic events of September 11, 2001, but thanks to the many educational opportunities in Lower Manhattan, students can better grasp what that day means for our nation. The 9/11 Memorial, adjacent Memorial Museum and St. Paul’s Chapel all provide meaningful experiences for students.

4. Food

Oh the food. And the smells. New York style pizza, Italian delicacies in Little Italy, sizzling specialties in Chinatown. We just wish we had time to sample all of it.

5. Art

Some of the most famous art on the planet resides in New York City, from ancient art in the Metropolitan Museum of Art to contemporary pieces in the MoMa. Students will be inspired as art they’ve only seen in textbooks comes to life.



    6. Music

    Music is the reason we’re traveling, right? Whether they’re on stage or in the audience, students will experience music like never before here in NYC. Expose them to greatness at the New York Philharmonic and The Metropolitan Opera. Then give them a glimpse of the possibilities as they perform in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.

    7. Central Park

    We always feel like we’re a world away as we wander through Central Park – which makes sense, since the park is 3.5 square miles and 843 acres of land! Outdoor concerts, gardens, sculptures, bridges and 26,000 trees are waiting for your students to explore them.

    8. Parades

    Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is certainly the most famous New York City parade (and student favorite!), but it’s not the only parade that graces the streets each year. We’ve welcomed performers to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Veterans Day Parade as well. There’s nothing like performing for huge crowds and endless skyscrapers.

    9. Times Square

    More than a selfie opportunity, Times Square causes students to stop in their tracks and take a moment to realize just where they’re standing. The lights, sounds and smells are nothing compared to the sheer size of this landmark.

    10. Statue of Liberty

    Lady Liberty has so many stories to tell and she’s eager to share them with students. From the statue itself on Liberty Island to the Immigration Museum on Ellis Island, students can find themselves in the stories of the millions of immigrants that made America their new home.

    Ready to hop on a bus or plane right now? We’ll meet you there and show you an amazing Big Apple adventure!  

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