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Consider this! New destinations you’ll love

Our top destinations are popular for a reason – they offer incredible opportunities for students and educators to explore, perform and learn together. But don’t limit your travel dreams to a handful of cities when there’s a whole world for students to explore! In today’s post, we’ll be sharing our favorite “companion” cities – options you may have overlooked, but offer similar experiences to those found in our most popular destinations.

But first things first! Have you figured out why you want to travel? We’ve found in our years of planning meaningful student travel, how important it is to understand the WHY of your trip before you choose the WHERE.

Are your students ready for larger performance venues and more advanced clinician instruction?

Does your group have a successful competition season or other milestone to celebrate together? 

Do you have a crop of new students that need to bond as performers and friends? 

Once you’ve identified your reason for traveling, you can choose your adventure accordingly and the world opens up to new destinations – like some of our favorites:

If you’re thinking New York, consider Chicago!

Bright lights, big city! Chicago offers exceptional performance venues, museums, shows and an “urban playground” to explore, just like New York City. If your group is ready to learn from master clinicians, perform on grand stages and experience world-class live music and theater, Chicago may be the destination for you.

You loved Orlando, you’ll love Los Angeles!

What’s not to love about sunshine, beaches, theme parks and performing with your friends? Both cities offer similar opportunities for a fun, memorable student travel experience. Los Angeles is one of our top ten places to visit– the performance venues, selfie-perfect attractions (hello, Walk of Fame!) and range of itinerary highlights keep us coming back for more.

Nashville was amazing, try Toronto!

Nashville and Toronto both offer amazing food, interesting culture and a cool city vibe; we love a reason to visit either one. Toronto is one of our favorites because it’s an international experience that’s close to home – you don’t even need a passport to visit if you’re under 19 and traveling by motor coach. Beautiful architecture, historic performance venues and a bustling art scene should land Toronto on your list too.

We could talk about our favorite destinations for days on end – we can’t get enough of exploring the world with students. If you’re considering a new destination for your well-traveled performers or wondering where you should take your group’s first trip, we’d love to help. Reach out today and we’ll start dreaming together!


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