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It’s a match! Finding the ideal destination for your student group

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch…                                         

We can’t help bursting into song when we think about matching student groups to their perfect destinations.  More than 35 years of “matchmaking” experience has taught us how important it is to identify the WHY or goals of your group’s performance travel before you choose WHERE. We’ve found that if you choose a destination before you know your group’s goals, it’s possible that the destination won’t be a great fit – and it may be too late before you realize it.

Performance travel destination

Whether your students are first time travelers or have been on a trip every year with your program, now is the time to thoughtfully consider why you want to travel. A few questions to get your started:

  • Are you leading a group of new performers, who would love the opportunity to learn during clinics with renowned instructors?
  • Or do you have veteran performers who’ve been dreaming of performing in an incredible venue?
  • Does your classroom already contain a cabinet of gleaming trophies and awards or are your students eager to begin competing against other schools?
  • Do you have a relatively new program and need to build a culture and community through a shared experience?
  • Are you looking to grow your program?
  • Or are you leading an established program that’s ready to take on a new experience together?
  • Is your group looking to celebrate a successful year with an exciting trip?
  • What do you want your students to take away from this experience?

These are just a few questions to consider – you know your students and program inside and out, and you are the best person to dig deep and identify the WHY behind your group’s travel. Once you’ve completed this important step, it’s time to pick your perfect destination!

Grow as performers

If music and performance education is a focus for your group, choose a destination with opportunities for your students to learn from the best through clinics and performances. Our close relationships with clinicians and performance venues across the country make matching your group to the most educational and rewarding option simple. Two such locales are Nashville and New Orleans, where music is simply everywhere.

In Nashville, aka Music City, students can immerse themselves in the music scene, exploring the Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Old Opry and the Ryman Auditorium. Clinics on the historic campus of Vanderbilt University at the Blair School of Music are a favorite of many of our student travelers. Shifting genres a bit to jazz, New Orleans offers a beautiful balance of history and culture, as students experience once-in-a-lifetime clinics at Tulane and Loyola, after breathing in the sights and sounds of the French Quarter and historic Jackson Square.

Compete as a team

Whether your students are new to competing or have titles to defend, competition travel is always exciting. And thanks to the relationships we have in destinations across the country, we can find competitions pretty much anywhere your group is looking to travel. The timing of your travel experience will be determined in large part by the dates of the particular event your group is looking to participate in, though there are many to choose from. From festivals at Carnegie Hall to contests at Cedar Point in Ohio to events in Central Florida, there’s a competition destination that’s perfect for your group’s goals, schedule and budget – and once you’ve selected one, we can often handle the event application process for you.

Explore new places

BRT can put together the pieces of your groups tour.

Your travel focus may be bonding as a group or simply trying something new together. Over our 35 years of planning student travel experiences, we have our list of tried and true destinations, as well as some new favorites. The most popular by far are New York City and Orlando – so much to do, see and experience in both of these incredible cities. If your group is looking to grow your music program, these higher profile destinations may be the best fit for you, as they typically attract more student interest.

Other favorites include Chicago, Memphis and Washington, D.C., as they include a broad range of both educational and performance opportunities for your student travelers. When you have a vision for your group’s travel goals, you can choose the locale that has the experiences, culture and atmosphere that will mean the most to your specific students. And we’re here to help you, every step of the way.

Call us today to start the process of planning your next performance tour. We’ll take everything you know about your students and program and help you find your ideal destination match!

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