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Doug Roberts

Senior Travel Coordinator

From White House choral performances to honoring veterans at Pearl Harbor, Doug enjoys the challenge of creating one-of-a-kind travel experiences that will change students’ lives. For over seven years, Doug has served as a travel planner and tour director, working alongside directors and group leaders to select the perfect events, activities and details that transform simple itineraries into meaningful moments. His favorite part of the process? Hearing all about the memories made and experiences had when a group returns home after a trip he helped to create.

My favorite travel memory

My favorite memory continues to be traveling to Cancun with my family.  I began traveling there with my siblings and parents, and now that I have a wife and two boys, we are continuing that tradition

My hobbies and pastimes

My favorite hobby is golf.  I was a golf professional (teacher) for five years and currently coach a high school golf team.  I enjoy coaching my son’s baseball, basketball and soccer teams. 

My favorite movie character

I have always enjoyed the Indiana Jones movies.  I don’t really relate with the main character, but I find storylines exciting.  The acting is terrible, but I always turn it on when it’s on TV.