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Sarah McVeigh

Travel Consultant

An experienced music teacher, conductor and former BRT client, Sarah is an expert when it comes to creating exceptional student experiences.  After earning undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Sarah taught choral music for 12 years, introducing her students to what she considers one of the most powerful classrooms that exists – travel.  She believes that music and travel afford directors a medium to help each student become the best they can be.

My favorite travel memory

My first teaching job was in a very small community in northern Wisconsin.  Many of the families did not have a lot of financial resources and had never traveled further than Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  For many of my students, Eau Claire was the largest city they had ever been to.  My first year teaching, we took a trip to Chicago.  I will never forget the looks on the students’ faces, and the lump that rose in my throat, as they walked off the bus on Michigan Ave.  All eyes went straight to the sky ask they looked in awe at the tops of building after building.  We finished the night off with The Lion King. The experience was not only inspiring for my students, but it was also inspiring and life-changing for me!

My favorite movie character

My favorite movie character is a cross between Cinderella’s mother in the live-action Disney release Cinderella and Baymax from Big Hero 6.  Cinderella’s mother’s message of “have courage and be kind” and Baymax’s programming to help and only help others demonstrate the simplest way to live.  If we all could live with those ideas in mind, imagine how much peace and joy would openly flow through our world!

My favorite book

Start with Why written by Simon Sinek has been life changing through its inspirational message.  While the book is written from a business perspective, I would recommend it for anyone who finds themselves in a leadership position, which, let’s face it, is everyone at some point in their lives!