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Robb Showalter

Brand Development Manager

Robb’s travel manifesto: “No one ever looks back on their life and wishes they had traveled less.” And with more than 30 countries in his passport, Robb means every word of it and loves showing directors and teachers how to make the dream of student travel a reality. In his marketing role at BRT, Robb finds creative ways to showcase the expertise, service, heart and value we offer our clients. And while he’s not personally planning trips, he enjoys the rewarding experience of introducing our clients to the exciting travel possibilities available for their students.     

My favorite travel memory

I have so many, but likely my best memories come from the first time I visited Asia many years ago. It was that trip that made me so enchanted by the continent, and has led me to return many times since.

My hobbies and pastimes

I grew up in a mountain town, and have always loved hiking, biking and the outdoors. I try to get back so I can reconnect with those passions whenever I can.

My favorite Movie Character

My favorite movie character is Bob Harris from Lost in Translation. The way he is transformed by Japan throughout the movie showcases how powerful travel can be, even when we don’t expect it.