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Melissa Clutters

Travel Coordinator

In Melissa’s mind, nothing is better than looking back on an experience and thinking “I should do that again.” As captain of her high school show choir, Melissa had the opportunity to plan fun activities and bonding experiences for her group, which ignited a passion for both travel and making memories. She loves creating those same kinds of life-changing moments for the groups she crafts itineraries for. What better career for a self-described “Memory Maker?” She’s certainly in good company here at BRT.

My favorite travel memory

While I have many, the one that comes to mind is meeting Talking Mickey at Disney World. I have met Mickey many times in my visits but I cried like a baby (at the age of 27) when Mickey looked at me and said “Hiya pal!” I will always remember that.

My favorite movie character

My favorite movie character is also one of my favorite book characters. I would have to be Jo March from Little Women. That movie is my favorite of all time (the 90’s version)! Jo is this strong female character that tries to be more than the woman of her day was. She wanted to experience everything and she wasn’t going to let the fact she was a woman stop her. So inspiring!

My favorite book

I am a big fractured fairytale fan. So my first favorite book of all time is the True Story of the Three Little Pigs. I just love how you think you know a story, a story that has been told so many times, and yet there is always something more. There is always another point of view. I think from a young age those types of stories always let me know there were many different thoughts and ideas in this world and to listen and understand all sides, even if they are beyond what you know.