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Melony Showalter

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Who better to plan amazing travel experiences than a former BRT student traveler? Melony performed in school bands for seven years and had the opportunity to experience two BRT trips during her high school years, so she knows exactly what directors and their students are looking for when it comes to great travel. She loves the entire planning process, from working with directors to create unique experiences, to visiting locales with student groups and watching them perform.

My favorite travel memory

When I was a High School student, I had the opportunity to march down Main Street in Walt Disney World. I will never forget when the gates open and “the voice of Disney” comes across saying the school name and thousands of people are cheering for you. There is a split second where you freeze and you go into autopilot playing and marching through Disney.

My favorite movie character

My favorite character is Winnie the Pooh. He is always watching out for his friends and has several quotes that I like to live by.

My favorite book

I really enjoy reading Jon Krakauer books, as they are very entertaining, but also make you think. When reading his books, they are able to give me an experience like climbing Mount Everest, that I would never do myself, but I am able to have a small glimpse into the experience.