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Nicole George

Travel Coordinator

Nicole’s personal travels have taken her all over North America, Central America and the Caribbean, so she knows how impactful travel can be. In her role as travel coordinator, she’s learned that planning incredible travel experiences is *almost* as fun as hopping on a plane and joining the students. Nicole loves that each day in the office is different, because the trips she helps coordinate are never the same – except that each one allows her to show students a new bit of the world. 

My favorite travel memory 

Favorite memory would have to be going to Guatemala for Thanksgiving. My family and friends travel to Guatemala to work with Potters House (an organization that helps those living in the city dump), by building stoves, painting walls, delivering food to those who can’t leave their homes, and praying for those in need. It is my favorite because I have the ability to be God’s hands and feet and help those who are in need.

My hobbies and pastimes 

I love to run! Since 2012 I have been participating in RunDisney, running 10Ks, and half marathons. I have not made it to a full marathon just yet, but I’m working on it!  13.1 miles goes by really fast when I know Mickey and Minnie are waiting for me at the finish line!

My favorite travel destination

Easy… Disney World! I have loved Disney World since I was very little. I’ve grown up going to the parks with family and friends. I love going because each trip is different, different food to try, rides to ride and experiencing new shows.