Creating Memories through the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Jun 7, 2016

Travel Notes

One of the most meaningful aspects of our work at BRT is the opportunity to give back and support the love of travel. Through our daily work and programs like BRT’s Moments That Matter Scholarship, Bob Rogers Travel is able to help youth experience the joy of travel. Today we are excited to share the stories of two “Wish Kids,” which BRT was proud to recently support through our corporate sponsorship of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Meet Ellie

Arriving at the doors to a castle in true princess fashion, Ellie donned a ball gown complete with a matching tiara just in time for her very own royal feast. It was the last day of Ellie’s trip, and the magical moment was approaching when her wish would finally come true.

At five years old, Ellie is an incredibly vivacious and bubbly girl whose passion for dancing and singing shines through. After being born with a life-threatening cardiac disease, she began strenuous treatments at Advocate Children’s Hospital. After being diagnosed, Ellie’s family heard from a friend that she may be eligible for a wish and referred her.

After meeting with volunteer wish granters, Ellie was asked by Make-A-Wish® Illinois about her one wish. It quickly became apparent that she longed to have breakfast with princesses. Soon after, her family was whisked away from their home and off to her favorite theme park where an enchanting week awaited them. Along with her father and mother, who described the trip as “beyond words”, Ellie spent her time enjoying the attractions and characters at the park as well as taking an excursion to a local aquatic attraction.

As the final day approached and her family walked towards the dining hall, Ellie could barely hold in her excitement for the meal that awaited her there. At the entrance she was whisked into a grand dining hall filled with princesses from all of her favorite tales and she gleamed a big smile. For Ellie and her parents, that smile represents the hope, strength and joy gained through her treasured wish experience.

Meet Evan

4-year-old Evan shared that he loves “waffles, dinosaurs and playing with nerf guns.” While all those sound exciting, Evan has come a long way since his December 2014 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia diagnosis.  After being diagnosed, he quickly began undergoing treatments at Comer Children’s Hospital in Chicago. During one of his many stays at the hospital, his care provider, Amy, shared that Evan may be eligible for a wish through Make-A-Wish® Illinois. She saw this as a chance for Evan to have a positive experience after countless treatments and hospital visits.

Upon meeting with his volunteer wish granters, two big themes quickly arose: anything to do with cars and theme parks. After being asked his one true wish, Evan decided that he wanted to visit his favorite theme park. Soon enough, it was time for Evan and his family to set off for Florida. Instead of flying, Evan’s family decided to drive down to Florida!

Following a couple days of driving, it was finally time for Evan’s theme park adventures to begin. While visiting his favorite theme park, he was even granted front-of-line access to many of his favorite rides! He also did his best to meet as many of his favorite characters as he could! During their week stay, they even made time to head over to a beach near Orlando, Florida.

Upon returning to his home, he still vividly recalls to his family and friends all of his favorite things about the trip. The wish provided Evan and his family a nice, relaxing vacation away from the stresses of hospitals visits that they became so accustomed to.

Thanks for traveling with BRT and helping to make these memories possible. Visit the Make-A-Wish Foundation to add your support to this worthy cause.

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