Our top 10 destinations – and WHY!

Jul 26, 2018

Travel Notes

We’re often asked which destinations around the world are most popular for student performance tours. Sharing the list of our most-visited cities and countries is easy – but why share the WHERE when you can share the WHY? Today, our team of BRT travel experts (and expert travelers!) give you their reasons why each destination is an amazing locale for your group to explore on your next performance tour.  


The sunshine state celebrates a vibrant tourism industry, with Orlando alone drawing over 60 million visitors year over year. Student travelers love Orlando for the incredible theme parks, stellar performance opportunities and warm weather. Our love for Orlando runs deep – we’ve been sending groups to The Walt Disney World® Resort for over 36 years, and have hosted The Bob Rogers Travel Thanksgiving Parade of Bands since 2010.

New York City

New York City holds more performance, education and attraction opportunities than any group could possibly experience in one trip. That’s why so many school groups choose to hit The Big Apple every year as part of their program. Whether students are performing on stage or being wowed from the seats, dreams are born once the curtain rises.


We may be a little biased about The Windy City, but it’s a perennial student favorite. From expert clinicians at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, architectural marvels around every corner and endless selfie possibilities at Cloud Gate (the famous “Bean”!), we find new ways to explore in Chicago with every trip.

Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s capital isn’t just an educator’s dream destination – students love exploring and performing in Washington, D.C. Classroom lessons come to life as groups experience the scale of our capital’s historical buildings, monuments and museums. 


Where better to take student musicians than Music City itself? Students are immersed in every genre of music, through sessions with expert clinicians at Vanderbilt University, performances at the Nashville Symphony and tours of the Grand Old Opry and Ryman Auditorium. 

St. Louis

Affordable, driveable and up and coming as a student travel destination, St. Louis is the perfect choice for groups looking for a shorter, but still action-packed trip. Don’t miss the famous Arch, which has recently reopened after an extensive renovation.

New Orleans

The unique Creole culture, southern charm and vibrant music landscape of New Orleans introduce students to another world. The food, the jazz, the architecture are all unlike anything students have ever seen.

Los Angeles

The opportunities for students to learn, explore, perform and have fun in Los Angeles reach from the beach to the mountains and Hollywood in between. The Walk of Fame, Chinatown, Disneyland® Resort, Universal Studios just to name a few. 


An international experience just over the border, Toronto allows student groups to see the world within a reasonable budget. With breathtaking performance venues as well as opportunities to experience symphony, ballet and theater performances, Toronto offers a unique international adventure right “next door.”


Rich in history, expansive landscapes and charming culture, Ireland is a dream student travel destination. The performance venues alone – Blarney Castle, St. Patrick’s Day Festival, Christ Church Cathedral – are worth the trip.

You may be daydreaming of a student travel experience or ready to book your first trip. We’re here to help with any stage of the process and can help your school find the perfect destination for your unique group. Let’s plan something amazing together! 

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