Packing Tips for your Student Performance Tour

Jan 13, 2015

Travel Notes

Take the stress out of packing, and set your trip up for success! With these simple packing tips, even your students who have never traveled before will have no trouble gathering their belongings before a trip.

Use a List

Creating a check list of what you need to pack ensures that nothing is forgotten. Your BRT tour manual includes a sample check list which you can copy or customize for your students. Every student’s needs are different, so consider setting aside a couple minutes in class to allow them to customize their own list. This simple task will eliminate forgotten items during the trip.

Bring as Few Bags as Possible

Encourage your students to bring only what they need, and to fit their items into as few bags as possible. A good rule of thumb is for each student to bring one large bag (like a suitcase or duffel bag) and a smaller “carryon” item (such as a backpack). This will maximize space on the motor coach, and cut down on the number of items your students need to keep track of, in addition to their instrument or concert apparel.

If students want to bring their own shampoo, suggest they buy or transfer it into a travel size bottle. Some students may also want to bring a curling iron or hair dryer. Instead of having every student pack their own, suggest they coordinate with their roommates to bring one for each room. Finally, remind students to not over pack their bags, as they will want to have a little space for souvenirs they may buy on their trip.

Create More Space in Your Bag

There are many ways to use the space in your bag more effectively. First, roll your clothes into small tubes instead of folding. Rolling will not only use less space, but also minimizes wrinkling. Second, shoes are one of the biggest space hogs, so stuff the soles with small items like socks. This will eliminate wasted space, and allow for more room in the rest of the bag. Wearing any large or heavy clothing items like jackets or jeans will also create extra space in your bag. Finally, place heavy items at the bottom of the bag near the wheels. It won’t create more space in your bag, but it will keep it from tipping over on to other unsuspecting travelers when you let go of it.

Prepare for Air Travel

Groups who are traveling by air should consider a few additional items when packing. First, be sure all students use their BRT luggage tag on their checked items. The tags will help your chaperones identify the group’s bags at baggage claim. Remember to comply with all the Transportation Security Administration’s rules for checked and carry-on bags. A general list of what is – and isn’t – allowed can be found here. Pack your 3-1-1 compliant liquids bag in a place where it is easily accessible at security (such as a separate, outside zipper of a suitcase). You can also bring an empty water bottle and fill it after security, keeping you hydrated throughout the trip.

Airlines have improved their baggage handling over the years, but there is still a chance a bag could be lost or delayed. In case this does happen, pack a day’s worth of clothes into your carry-on. Never pack any medications or valuables into your checked bag.

Passing these simple tips along to your students will help to set up your trip for success. Have your own ideas? Share them in the comments, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Safe Travels!

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