PayMeNt SysteM

We’re upgrading our payment system to offer new features and payment options for our travelers.

Eventually, everyone will use our new BRT Payments system. For now, please check the options below to determine where to login. If you have questions, please chat with us in the bottom right of this page or email us at [email protected]

BRT Payments

If registration for your trip began after 4/7/21, you will most likely login here. You would have received a direct link to register or a trip code that started with the name of your school (ex. JEFFERSON55471).

If you received an email saying your group has moved to BRT Payments, login here. 

Old IPS logins will not work in BRT Payments. You will receive an email after 8/2/21 with instructions for setting up your new account. 



Our IPS system is currently down for maintenance as we transition groups to BRT Payments. You will receive instructions on logging on to BRT Payments after 8/2/21.  

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