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Fan friendly – travel packages for friends and family

Music educators know that having a dedicated group of friends and family supporting your program makes all the difference. These are more than fans – they’re dedicated boosters who attend every performance, manage fundraisers, chaperone trips and never fail to show up in the lives of your student performers. Occasionally, when we organize performance travel experiences, we have friends and family ask if they can join their students on the road. For these trips, we’ll often offer travel packages that allow these “superfans” to be part of the magic. Here’s a glimpse into how our fan packages work:

When we offer fan packages

We don’t offer fan packages with every trip we plan – of our hundreds of planned trips each year, around 10-15 percent will include options for friends and family. Typically, we offer these packages for trips that occur over holidays or destinations that include theme park performances.

Our Thanksgiving Parade of Bands is a great example. Every year, we have bands, choirs and orchestras apply to participate in the Thanksgiving Parade of Bands at the Walt Disney World® Resort. The schools that are chosen usually have friends and family that would like to experience the event with their students –  and it’s a one-of-a-kind way for families to celebrate the holiday together.

What the packages include

Each fan package is different, but often we’ll offer a la carte options within each package – those options may include lodging, a special dinner, theme park passes or show tickets. Friends and family can choose the options that work for them, participating in as much or as little as they’d like. It gives fans the flexibility to customize the experience. Our vendor relationships and bulk buying history often allow us to extend significant discounts through our fan packages. 

How to book

The easiest way to select fan package options and handle payment is through our Individual Payment System. This allows fans to choose the options they’d prefer and schedule individual payments, all without placing additional payment management responsibility on the group’s director.

We enjoy hosting friends and families through our fan packages, giving them the opportunity to make memories alongside their students. If your group is considering a trip and you’d like to know more about how your fans can tag along, reach out and we’ll give you the details.

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