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Coronavirus COVID-19

A message from Todd Rogers.

Updated 4/10/2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 — Update

Updated 6/4/2020

Since our founding in 1981, the health and safety of our travelers has been the number one priority at Bob Rogers Travel. Since then, we have kept our travelers’ safe during numerous worldwide events such as the SARS outbreak in 2003 and H1N1 outbreak in 2009. We have been closely monitoring the situation surrounding the COVID-19 virus, and have been following the guidance posted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). We are also in close communication with our partners on the ground across the country and around the world.

We are urging group leaders departing until June 30, 2020 to strongly consider postponing or cancelling their trip. This is not a decision we take lightly, as we have never in our 39-year history needed to take this unprecedented step. As attractions begin to reopen their doors, we will continue to update our website and reach out to our clients.

Ultimately, we want to respect the wishes of our group leaders, and leave the decision with them. Please contact your group leader for information regarding your specific trip. If your trip is cancelled, we will be waiving our normal cancellation policy, and will work with our vendors to secure the highest refund possible for all our travelers.

Due the volume of the current and expected cancellations, the refund process may take 8-12 weeks to complete. We will remain in touch with group leaders to keep them informed of our progress. We ask for your understanding and patience as we work through this.

Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty as we work through this unprecedented situation.

Bob Rogers Travel


To learn more about COVID-19 visit:


Coronavirus COVID-19 — FAQ

Updated 4/23/2020

My school has cancelled the trip. How do I get a refund?
Our team is actively reaching out to all of our vendors and suppliers to secure the highest possible refund. Due to the number of companies shut down and the volume of cancellations, this process may take approximately 8-12 weeks.  We truly appreciate your patience during this time and will notify your group leader with any updates. 

How do I know if my trip is insured?
You would have received an email confirmation from Travel Insured.
If you are still not sure if you purchased an insurance plan, or if you purchased insurance but not sure
which plan you purchased, please contact Travel Insured by emailing [email protected] 
If you purchased the Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) insurance, email Travel Insured at [email protected]

How do I file a claim if I purchased Travel Insurance?
If you have purchased Cancel for Any Reason Insurance (CFAR) you may initiate your claim online. For instructions on how to file a claim with Travel Insured International, click hereYou will need to wait to finish processing the claim until you receive any refund amount from BRT

I sent the email like instructed and Travel Insured sent me a whole list of information I need to provide. What am I supposed to do? Will I miss my deadline?
The deadline was for opening your claim, which you have done!  One of the pieces of information they are asking for is how much you were refunded by Bob Rogers Travel.  We are currently working with our vendors and are unable to provide you with an answer right now.  As soon as we know more concrete answers for your school in particular, we will inform your group leader to let you know.  Thank you for your understanding and patience through these unexpected and unprecedented procedures.

Why is it taking so long to get a refund, especially when I have heard of attractions, hotels, etc. that are giving refunds?
Of note, it’s important to remember, “Group Travel” is very different from “Individual Travel”.  Group Travel, by its very nature and size, typically offers reduced or special pricing, and unique offers and experiences to accommodate and enrich student groups. Along with these differences also comes a difference in Group Traveler terms and conditions and refund polices. While airlines, hotels and attractions may offer full refunds or vouchers to Individual Travelers, this is typically not the case with group purchases.

We want nothing more than to get back the maximum possible refund for your group, and are advocating on your behalf with all of our vendors to receive refunds. Unfortunately, this process takes 2-6 weeks under normal circumstances. Currently this process is expected to take 8-12 weeks due to the volume of refund requests vendors are receiving, and the stay-at-home orders that have forced many of them work from home. In fairness to all our groups, we have to wait until these refunds have been received from vendors before we issue them to groups

Will my tour be cancelled?
As we continue to monitor this evolving situation, we will remain in close contact with your group leader to keep them informed of our progress.  Please know we are committed to your safety and will not take anyone to a location that is not deemed safe for travel.  Your group leader will keep you informed of any updates regarding your upcoming travel. 

What should I do if I have a Fan or Friends & Family group?
An email including next steps will be sent to all travelers who purchased a Fan or Friends & Family package.

What happens to my fund-raising dollars?
Any fund-raising dollars that are returned will be sent to the school.

Will you send me the attraction/theme park tickets I purchased?
Individual travelers will not receive tickets purchased. In order for us to obtain a full refund, all tickets purchased for your group must be returned to our suppliers.

I tried contacting Travel Insured a while ago, why haven’t I heard back from them?
Travel Insured has been overrun with messages and are working diligently to work through them all.  They have updated the process on how to open up a claim on their website (instructions here). If you had purchased a policy, you should have a policy number in your email receipts.  If you are still unsure if you have a policy, please email [email protected] and wait for a reply.  Thank you for your patience.

Travel Insured says I am not getting any money back.  Why not?
This likely means that you did not purchase insurance or you did not purchase the Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) policy and will not be receiving any kind of refund from Travel Insured International.  Do not worry, as Bob Rogers Travel is still working on your behalf to try and secure as high of a refund as possible. Talk to your group leader for more details.

My trip rescheduled, do I have to purchase new insurance?
No.  Your paid package is being shifted to a new date.  The insurance covering that package still applies. Your group leader will need your Policy Number in order to have your policy moved to the rescheduled trip. This number can be found on the Confirmation of Benefits that Travel Insured emailed you when you purchased your policy.

My student’s trip is next Fall/Spring- will it be cancelled/will I get a refund?
We are actively keeping up with the situation and likely already in discussion with your group leader about any potential issues.  The safety and well being of our travelers is our top priority.

I purchased a policy from Travel Insured International that did not include the cancel for any reason (CFAR) benefit, am I able to get a refund on this policy?
Travel insured international is unable to provide refunds for policies not within their 14-day “look back” period. For questions in regard to this policy please contact [email protected]

I have been asked to provide my policy number from Travel Insured International – where can I find this?
If you purchased a policy from Travel Insured International’s Customer Care Department ([email protected]) with a subject line beginning with the words “Travel Insured Plan #”. We recommend doing a search of your emails looking for these identifiers if you need to locate your policy number. 

For the health and safety of our team members, we will be operating with a limited in-office staff for the foreseeable future. During this time, we will not be available by phone. However, there are three ways in which you can get in-touch with us:

  • Through our website chat at the bottom of this page
  • By texting us at 630-824-4343
  • By emailing us at [email protected]

We’re availible to help between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM CST. 

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