This summer’s hottest international travel destinations (and one that’s so hot it’s cold!)

Jun 14, 2017

Travel Notes

From the white-capped Hida Mountain Range of Japan to the canals of Venice – summer has us daydreaming about traveling abroad. Every summer, we lead performance tours to incredible locales all over the globe. To inspire your summer travel daydreams, here are four of the hottest international travel destinations for students – and one bonus location that may surprise you!


Rich history, stunning architecture and sun-kissed countryside are just a few of the reasons we love introducing students to Italy. Classroom lessons come to life as students travel back to the Roman Empire and explore the Coliseum and the Forum. Budding artists will have life-changing encounters with the work of Renaissance masters in Lucca and Florence. Italy’s landscapes are so diverse, from the canals of Venice to the hill towns of San Gimignano and Orvieto – your group will have so many options to explore. When it’s time to perform, the venues are spectacular – St. Peters Cathedral in Rome, Excelsior Spa in Montecatini, Auditorium San Romano in Lucca and the New Year’s Day Festival in Rome, just to name a few.


Moving west in our summer daydream tour are the vibrant sights and sounds of Spain. Students will love the energy, culture and diversity that hum throughout Spain’s major cities, whether you’re exploring Barcelona, Valencia or Madrid. We soak up everything España when we lead student groups here – we marvel at the art and artifacts of the Prado, take in the history of Toledo, taste paella and dance flamenco. Decades from now, your students will close their eyes and remember how it felt to perform in Parc Guell, Plaza Mayor, Alhambra or Santo Tome Chapel.


The Alps and the Autobahn (and everything in between!) await you in Germany. We love the juxtaposition of quaint medieval towns like Rothenburg with the majestic castles like Neuschwanstein and Heidelberg. Your student musicians can trace the footsteps of Wagner and Strauss at the Bavarian National Opera and then perform in a number of historic venues like Marienplatz and the Brandenburg Gate. Students will have yet another opportunity for classroom experience to come to life, as they encounter the not-so-distant aftermath of World War II and the Holocaust. So much to see, so much to learn and experience – Germany will always be one of our favorites.


A tour to Japan allows students to immerse themselves in a completely different culture that’s literally a world away from traditional European destinations. Japan offers a fascinating intersection of ancient culture and tradition with extremely modern, high tech innovations. Students will walk well-trod streets to exquisite temples and historical attractions, many of which are UNESCO world heritage sites. Later that day, they’ll take advantage of Japan’s unmatched transportation system, as futuristic trains whisk them to their next stop. Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime destination that is not to be missed – we certainly visit as often as we can.


Our big surprise destination that’s both hot – and cold! Iceland holds so many unique opportunities for students. Young travelers can visit volcanoes, hot springs and glaciers, all in the same day – you’re in the “Land of Fire and Ice” after all! Beyond its one-of-a-kind geography, Iceland offers unique historical and archeological attractions as well – from ancient Viking settlements to the oldest parliament in the world, circa 930 A.D. While overlooked by some, Iceland has become one of our favorite destinations and is often a less expensive option, as it’s closer to the U.S. than continental Europe.

Whether this post has you daydreaming like us, or has your wheels turning for your next adventure, we’d love to connect with you. Contact us today – our team of travel experts can take your students anywhere, from around the world or across the country.

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