Nathan Voges

Travel Consultant

Meet Nathan

Your travel partner.

When planning a new itinerary for a customer, Nathan believes he is an educator first and a travel professional second. That’s why he loves playing “detective” and learning interesting details and little-known facts about destinations so his travelers can gain a deeper understanding of the places they visit. A degree in music education, six years as an instrumental music educator and a lifetime of personal world travel experience are what help Nathan delight directors and their students time and time again.

Nathan Voges

Nathan Voges

Travel Consultant


Extension: 206


My favorite travel memory

I visited a museum in Vienna, Austria in 2002, where I saw a display of artifacts relating to the assassination of then Archduke Francis Ferdinand.  On display were the automobile he rode in, that fateful day; the sofa he sat on while doctors tried desperately to save his life; and the stained uniform he wore.  This uniform was laid out flat under glass, and betrayed how short of stature he was.  I remember pondering how this event was the match that lit the fire of the great conflict we know as World War I.  In a moment, I experienced a flash of insight, as if I was actually there eighty-eight years prior.  I had never before, nor have I since, experienced such a strong, personal connection to a set of artifacts that moved me in this way.

My hobbies and pastimes

I am passionate about amateur music-making as an adult.  Rehearsing and performing great music with friends is highly satisfying.   High school students who graduate from being musicians when they get their diplomas don’t know what they’re missing!

My favorite travel destination

I love going to Germany, because I’ve learned much about the language and culture, and refined my accent to a point where I can pass for at least a Belgian when I visit.  The friendships maintained through visits over more than twenty years have made it a truly special place for me.

Nathan’s Team

Susan Rodriguez

Susan Rodriguez

Travel Coordinator

Moments that Matter …


I always appreciate the communication that I get from both Nathan and Susan! I never feel like my trip and the issues that come along with it are not a priority for them!

Matt Diehl
South Decatur Junior/Senior High School


Nathan and Susan worked together to make the planning and execution of the trip as smooth as possible.

Dale Sharkey
Christian Brothers College High School


Nathan and Susan did a great job of setting up the trip and communicating efficiently.

Chris Torretta
Fort Zumwalt East High School


Nathan and Susan were great!

Butch Owens
Webb City High School


Nathan and Susan were extremely helpful and patient in this process.

Ed Sandheinrich
Parkway West High School

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