Nathan Voges

Travel Consultant

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When planning a new itinerary for a customer, Nathan believes he is an educator first and a travel professional second. That’s why he loves playing “detective” and learning interesting details and little-known facts about destinations so his travelers can gain a deeper understanding of the places they visit. A degree in music education, six years as an instrumental music educator and a lifetime of personal world travel experience are what help Nathan delight directors and their students time and time again.

Nathan Voges

Nathan Voges

Travel Consultant


Extension: 206


My favorite travel memory

I was leading an adult group on a tour of Austria and Germany, and was also part of the performing ensemble. During a performance in a Viennese church, I noticed an elderly woman sitting on the aisle. Her hands were largely frozen with arthritis, but applauded each piece with appreciation, though I suspect silently. After the concert, I mingled briefly with audience members, then made my way over to her. She and her helper were waiting for the church to clear out a bit before they departed. I said hello, and taking her hand I said “Ihre klatschen hörte ich am lautesten” (Your applause I heard the loudest). What followed was a touching exchange, where she thanked us for coming, and expressed her appreciation of our musicianship. She then surprised me by sharing that her father was a member of the Vienna Philharmonic. My mind briefly reeled, thinking of the great musicians she must have encountered in her youth. A treasured memory, that warms my heart each time I relive it.

My hobbies and pastimes

I am passionate about amateur music-making as an adult.  Rehearsing and performing great music with friends is highly satisfying.   Staying active as a performing musician builds bridges between neighbors and strangers, alike. I am also a student of History, and enjoy researching topics related to my family’s genealogy as a way of understanding the lives of my ancestors in a more fulsome fashion.

My favorite travel destination

I love visiting German-speaking countries. My own accent in German tends towards Northern, “Standard” inflections, but I’m always paying attention to dialects and regional variations. In my travels, I’ve purchased phrase books that translate Standard German into its Bavarian, Swiss and Austrian counterparts, so I can at least understand the differences when I hear them. I frequently get puzzled looks and am asked why my German is so good. Confused Germans have asked me if I was Belgian, Dutch, or Danish, because they couldn’t place my accent, and are frequently astonished that an American could be so proficient. I’ve developed this proficiency over a span of more than 30 years visiting distant relatives, and being an active student of German culture.

Moments that Matter …


I always appreciate the communication that I get from both Nathan and Susan! I never feel like my trip and the issues that come along with it are not a priority for them!

Matt Diehl
South Decatur Junior/Senior High School


Nathan and Susan worked together to make the planning and execution of the trip as smooth as possible.

Dale Sharkey
Christian Brothers College High School


Nathan and Susan did a great job of setting up the trip and communicating efficiently.

Chris Torretta
Fort Zumwalt East High School


Nathan and Susan were great!

Butch Owens
Webb City High School


Nathan and Susan were extremely helpful and patient in this process.

Ed Sandheinrich
Parkway West High School

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