When to travel: Trips for all seasons

Jul 25, 2019

Travel Notes

When to travel: Trips for all seasons

Great planning makes travel possible any time of year – but every destination has its own seasonal pluses and minuses. If you’re planning in our “sweet spot” of 12-15 months out, you’ll have more destinations (and seasons!) to choose from. Let’s take a look at the best destinations for the season you want to travel in:


Spring and Fall

While spring is our busiest travel season, fall holds much of the same appeal. Scheduled school breaks and mild temperatures make spring and fall popular choices for many of our clients. Nearly every destination is a great fit for a spring or fall trip – here are our favorites:

  • Orlando– Awesome weather for both performing and letting loose in a city that’s one big playground. Special events in both seasons, including The Thanksgiving Parade of Bands, make Orlando especially popular.  
  • New York– Both seasons are stunning in New York City – from Lady Liberty to Times Square. Many of our clients like to either kick off their school year or celebrate the year’s end with a trip to the Big Apple. 
  • Washington, D.C.– Cherry blossoms or fall colors – how could we choose? Our nation’s capitol has iconic performance venues and endless educational experiences for students of all ages.  
  • Chicago– The weather is lovely and the Windy City is ready to play. So much to see and experience right here in our BRT backyard, from clinics to tours! 
  • Anywhere and Everywhere– You could basically spin the globe and choose blindfolded, spring and fall are simply fantastic times to travel!



Traveling in the summer is easier for some groups, as they don’t have busy school calendars to contend with, chaperones are more readily available and everyone’s schedules are generally more flexible. 

  • Toronto– Just international enough to feel like a world away, Toronto is lovely in the summer (and spring and fall!). Picture perfect venues and hip city vibes, no passport required. 
  • New York– Summer in the City! Many of our clients chose New York for their spring and fall trips, but Manhattan is fantastic in the summertime. Wander through Central Park with an ice cream and see if you don’t agree.  
  • Washington, D.C. – Another popular spring and fall destination that deserves just as much summer love. Museums, monuments and music, oh my! 
  • EuropeWe’ve worked with clients planning experiences across Europe and find that summer trips across the pond are some of the best. The weather is wonderful and students are ready for summer adventures.



While winter is the least common travel time for our clients, it’s the perfect fit for some. Traveling over the school holiday break is a tradition for many programs and there are plenty of destinations that fit the bill.

  • Orlando– We like to beat the heat, so we plan Orlando trips in the spring, fall and winter for our clients. Orlando’s winter months are mild and often less crowded and lower priced. January and February in Orlando are some of our best-kept secrets. 
  • New OrleansOne of our favorite destinations, New Orleans has so much going for it – history, culture, clinics and experiences. The winter months are a warm break for our cold-weather clients, but if we’re honest we’d head to the Big Easy for beignets alone most months of the year.
  • Ireland– One of our most popular international destinations at anytime of year, the Emerald Isle is a treat in the wintertime. Crisp and cool, the green countryside is unforgettable, as are the historic performance venues.

While these destinations and travel seasons are some of our most tried and true, we dream up new itineraries for new destinations every year. If you’ve been considering a first trip for your program or simply a first trip with BRT, we’d love to dive deeper and find the trip and season that’s just right for you and your students. 

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