Where to? The best cities for students

Sep 13, 2019

Travel Notes

If you’ve ever traveled with students, you’ve witnessed that magical moment when a young person experiences “the city” for the first time.

Whether she rounds a corner, steps off a bus or watches from the window during her plane’s descent, her first glimpse of the city is the one you want to catch. Her eyes widen a bit as she takes it all in – the sounds, the smells and the scale of it are all brand new, completely different than the world she knew yesterday.

For many of the directors we work with, the opportunity to introduce students to the wide world beyond their hometowns is the reason they travel. But where should you go? Which cities are the most “student-friendly?” There are so many choices, but the cities below are the most popular with our clients and offer more “big city” moments than your students could dream up.

New York City

“There’s so much culture and a lot of things to experience. One of the things our teachers talked about is that walking down a street New York is like walking through three different countries at the same time. It’s so amazing to experience all of that at once and have that opportunity to really see the world in just one little area.”

New York City is the epitome of “bright lights, big city” for students. Everything is simply larger than life – from Times Square to the Top of the Rock. Endless attractions, stunning venues, world-class clinics and workshops, selfie stops galore. It doesn’t get bigger than the Big Apple.


“When we’re coming into Chicago and we see the skyline, I love the little cheer that goes up on the bus because some kids just got out of the state for the first time.”

Our personal favorite when it comes to big cities, our hometown of Chicagois a fantastic city to explore with students. An easy motor coach trip for many of our clients, Chicago offers exceptional performance opportunities – whether your students are ready to take the stage or enjoy the show from the audience. And did we mention the pizza?

Washington, D.C.

“Our favorite activity was Arlington Cemetery. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier/Laying of the Wreath Ceremony was such a honor to be a part of. The kids did a great job and the parents all had tears in their eyes watching them walk down and put the wreath on the tomb. What a special moment and so neat to see our schools name on the wreath.”

Our nation’s capitol brings classroom lessons to life with plenty of “big city” experiences at every turn. Explore museums, perform on famous steps, stroll hallowed halls or paint the town red (or blue, it’s the perfect place to get political).


“To go backstage was really cool because I got to see Epcot before it even opened. To think that all these people are there to see you and that you are a part of the magic. I’m going to remember this for the rest of my life.”

While Orlando is a different kind of big city experience, it’s a perennial favorite of students and directors alike. Whether your group’s goal is an exclusive performance opportunity, bonding together, learning from renowned clinicians or celebrating a successful year, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Orlando.


“Exploring London was like walking through a history book. Standing in The Globe Theatre on the same ground that Shakespeare once stood is something I’ll never forget. I’m the only one in my family to travel outside the U.S. – it was incredible to tell them all about Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and everything else we experienced on this trip.”

London is a perfect international city to experience with your students. History and culture abound with no language barrier in sight. Picturesque venues to fill with music, ancient streets to explore – why there’s even a palace for those royally memorable selfies.

Once you’ve watched your students’ eyes open to the world around them, you’ll see performance travel in a whole new light. Whether you have a city in mind or you’re still spinning the globe waiting for inspiration to strike, we’re here to help. Reach out today and we’ll explore the possibilities together.

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