Consistency at BRT: Our Always / Never List

Mar 25, 2021

Travel Notes

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We’ve talked before about how to pick a travel company, as well as the importance of comparing the options, but this last year has revealed a lot about how travel companies handle unprecedented change. Today we’re sharing some of the ways we navigated 2020 – decisions that were ultimately grounded in the practices we’ve always committed to, as well as the things we never do:


We’ve always put our clients first and 2020 proved that there is absolutely no exception to this rule for us. From March 2020 through today, we have refunded over $23 Million to every trip that was forced to cancel. We’ve also worked with a number of groups to reschedule cancelled trips, and are counting down the days till we hit the road together.

We’ve always prioritized student safety. Before the words “global pandemic” were ever on our radar, safety has been top of mind. In 2018, we shared our approach to student safety in our comprehensive safety guide that outlined how we’re constantly updating our safety standards and procedures with guidance from experts in the field. As we evolved yet again to adapt to today’s travel safety landscape, we updated the solid best practices we already had in place and created BRT Cares. This latest set of guidelines empowers student travel groups to travel clean, confidently and memorably, staying safe without sacrificing the experience.

We’ve always been stable. Operating for nearly 40 years doesn’t happen by accident. We’ve been lead by the same family leadership team since our inception and have always managed our business with stability as a priority. During the wild ride of 2020, it was our stability that allowed us to refund trips, maintain our staff, keep our office open and continue operating as a debt-free business.


We’ll never choose profit over what’s right.
We not only refunded trip costs for our clients, but offer peace of mind for clients looking to reschedule or book a brand new trip. Our Trip Assurance Program allows travelers to book confidently, knowing that their trip costs will be refunded if future challenges arise.

We’ll never plan a “just fine” experience.
Updating our best practices has allowed us to plan incredible travel experiences for our clients, regardless of the travel landscape we’re navigating. We refuse to throw together trips for the sake of getting travelers back on the road or increasing our profits. We’re planning exceptional experiences, just like we always have and will only develop itineraries that meet both our safety guidelines AND our high standards for excellence.

We’ll never abandon our clients.
We stay by our clients’ sides throughout the entire trip process – keeping a dedicated tour director with them throughout their trip, and being prepared in the office to handle whatever changes life (or weather) throws their way. We partner with our clients in every step of every trip, serving to the best of our ability and will never operate any other way.

We’re incredibly proud of the way our team handled the challenges of last year and served our directors and their students. We’d love the opportunity to show you how travel planning can be worry-free. Please let us know how we can serve you and your students – reach out today and we’ll get started together.

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