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Your Perfect Match Destination: Start with “Why”

Spinning a globe. Throwing a dart at a map. Spontaneous Google search. 

There are dozens of ways to choose where you should travel. But here at BRT, we’re convinced that you should always start with why

Every year, we match over 700 awesome performance groups with incredible destinations. And that’s taught us how important it is to identify the why of your group’s performance travel before you choose the where. In fact, your why should be the foundation of your entire itinerary!

Before you finalize a destination, take a beat to thoughtfully consider why you want to travel. Here are a few questions to get your started:

  • Are you leading a group of new performers who would love the opportunity to learn during clinics with renowned instructors?
  • Or do you have veteran performers who’ve been dreaming of performing in an amazing venue?
  • Does your classroom already contain a cabinet of gleaming trophies and awards or are your students eager to begin competing against other schools?
  • Do you have a relatively new program and need to build a culture and community through a shared experience?
  • Are you looking to recruit new student musicians and grow your program?
  • Or are you leading an established program that’s ready to take on a new experience together?
  • Is your group looking to celebrate a successful year with an exciting trip?
  • What do you want your students to take away from this experience? In what ways would you like to see them grow?

These are just a few questions to get you thinking – you know your students and program inside and out, so you’re the best person to dig deep and identify the why behind your group’s travel. Some of these “whys” may resonate with you:

We went to grow as performers.

If music and performance education is a focus for your group, choose a destination with opportunities for your students to learn from the best. Our close relationships with clinicians and performance venues across the country make it easy to match your group to the most educational and rewarding option.

Two such locales are Nashville and New Orleans, where music is simply everywhere. In addition to attractions like the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry, clinics at Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music are a favorite of our student travelers. And New Orleans offers a beautiful balance of history and culture, as students can learn from lifelong musicians at clinics at Tulane and Loyola, after breathing in the sights and sounds of the French Quarter and historic Jackson Square.

We want to compete as a team.

Whether your students are new to competing or have titles to defend, competition travel is always exciting. And thanks to the relationships we have in destinations across the country, we can find competitions pretty much anywhere your group is looking to travel.

The timing of your travel experience will be determined in large part by the dates of the event your group is looking to participate in, though there are many to choose from. From festivals at Carnegie Hall to contests at Ohio’s Cedar Point to events in central Florida, there’s a competition destination that’s perfect for your group’s goals, schedule and budget. And once you’ve selected one, we can often handle the event application process for you.

We want to explore new places together.

Your travel focus may be bonding as a group or simply trying something new together. Over our 40 years of planning student travel experiences, we have our list of tried and true destinations, as well as some new favorites. 

The most popular are OrlandoNew York City and Chicago – there’s so much to do, see and experience in all three incredible cities. If you’re looking to grow your music program, these higher-profile destinations may be the best fit for you, as they typically attract more student interest.

Los Angeles offers a new twist on the classic warm-weather student travel experience. Students can enjoy gorgeous beaches, thrilling roller coasters, stunning performance venues and, of course, Hollywood. 

For groups looking for an international experience, Ireland is a much-loved destination for students, with a rugged coastline, charming villages, fascinating history and friendly locals. Needless to say, the performance venues are full of Irish charm too.

Other favorites include St. Louis, Memphis and Washington, D.C., as they all include a broad range of educational and performance opportunities – and a nice mix of marquee attractions and hidden gems. 

When you have a vision for your group’s travel goals, you can choose the locale that has the experiences, culture and atmosphere that will mean the most to your students. And our team of veteran music educators is here to help you, every step of the way, working with you to find the “sweet spot” where your program’s goals and financial realities meet. Whether your experience takes you across the country, just over state lines or a world away, every destination has something unique to offer your students.

Reach out today to start the process of planning your next performance tour. We’ll take everything you know about your students and program and help you find your perfect destination match!

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