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Your Travel Dream Team: Who’s Who at BRT

When Bob Rogers launched his business in 1981, he had no idea that his solo act would become the team of over 50 that it is today. Every year, our crew of veteran educators, travel experts and lifelong musicians dreams up and builds more than 750 student travel experiences.

If you’re new to BRT, we’d like to introduce you to the different team members behind the incredible work that we do for you, your students, and your program.

Travel Consultant

If you’ve connected with us in person or online, you’ve probably already met one of our travel consultants. These folks are often former music educators who understand what it takes to create a successful performance travel experience.

They don’t just sell the trip and hand our clients off to other team members – quite the opposite. They’ll work closely with you – first understanding your program’s history, goals, wants, and needs, then building a custom itinerary that’s just right for you. Your travel consultant remains your main point of contact and advocate throughout the process (and usually for years to come!).

Travel Coordinator

Once the itinerary is developed, it’s time to bring your travel dreams to life. Our travel coordinators take your customized itinerary and begin booking transportation, hotels, activities, clinics and more. These team members are truly our secret superpower!

As logistics evolve and change throughout the planning process, our travel coordinators handle it all, giving you a seamless, watertight plan for an amazing student experience.

Quality Review Team and Safety Task Force

We leave no stone left unturned when it comes to anticipating possible travel challenges, and, most importantly, the safety of our travelers.

Our quality review team goes over each itinerary with a fine-tooth comb, to ensure that everything is perfectly in place before a single student boards the bus. These QR detectives review every itinerary three separate times.

Our safety task force reviews each itinerary as well, to ensure that all our groups are traveling as safely as possible. This team is also responsible for conducting ongoing safety training with our Tour Directors, holding our vendor partners to the highest safety standards, and developing our crisis-management protocols.

Tour Director

Your tour director is your boots-on-the-groundlead-the-waystay-on-schedule and solve-the-problems trip captain. He or she is on the trip with you, making sure every aspect of the experience runs smoothly. While on the road, your tour director is constantly in touch with our office, so if changes are needed or challenges arise, they have access to the full trip team.

The Home Team

From coordinating our payment system to nurturing our client and vendor relationships to keeping our day-to-day operations running smoothly, our home office team makes BRT happen. If you’re traveling with us, you may never interact with these home office heroes, but trust us – they’re behind the scenes making your trip even better.

Whether you’re considering student travel for the first time or are new to BRT, we’d love to introduce our team to you so we can make your travel dreams a reality. Reach out today and let’s explore the possibilities!

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