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Incredible Itineraries: Where Your Vision Comes to Life

Your trip’s itinerary holds a lot more than a list of places and activities. 

It’s a reflection of who you are, what your program aspires to, and the “why” behind your trip.

No two BRT itineraries are perfectly alike, because we take great care in crafting customized travel experiences designed to delight both students and educators.

Our itineraries are:  

Rooted in Relationships

We lay the foundation for your itinerary from the very first conversation we have with you. Getting to know you, learning the “past, present and future” of your program, and understanding your travel goals is such a pleasure for our team. It’s the first and most important step in the planning process, since it allows us to plan with your unique needs in mind. 

These conversations are a goldmine of information that we use to build the framework for incredible, personalized travel experiences. Whether you’re a first-time travelernew to BRT, or taking your tenth trip with us (it happens a lot!), the relationships we build with you guide the entire planning and itinerary-building process. 

Inspired by Travel Dreams

Travel daydreams are the best, aren’t they? We dream alongside our clients, including everything your group could possibly want to do at your destination. We typically start with an action-packed itinerary and scale back as needed, based on cost, logistics and your group’s preferences. 

We’ve planned thousands of trips – 8,000 and counting – so we’re in the know about the best activities, tours and opportunities available in destinations from coast-to-coast and around the world. We leave no stone (or travel experience) unturned as we’re putting together those initial drafts of your itinerary, knowing that we’ll work together to shape your trip around what’s most important to you.

So whether you’re dreaming of one of our top destinations, an international adventure or something a little magical, we’re ready to bring your dreams to life.

Guided by Experience

We did the math recently – our team of travel planners has over 450 years of combined experience! Over four decades, we’ve seen it all, which allows us to plan awesome itineraries and anticipate issues before they arise. And because so many of our planners are veteran music educators, we have a deep understanding of the details and logistics that performing on the road requires. 

You may have specific goals or ideas for your trip – and we love that! We can accommodate almost anything, but also have the experience to make solid recommendations and suggest excellent alternatives when needed.

Using our knowledge of each destination, we make sure that everything your group wants to do is logistically possible and will craft your itinerary to make sure you aren’t wasting time moving from place to place. When it comes to student travel, efficiency makes all the difference between a good trip and an incredible one.

Flexible Enough to Evolve 

Because our itineraries are fully customized, they’re never set in stone. They’re living documents that often grow and change before your eyes!

In the months leading up to your trip, there may be changes, additions and other tweaks, as we finalize the details of your experience. Once you approve the final itinerary, we work our magic to make it an invaluable tool that will guide you throughout your experience. Peppered throughout, you’ll find tips, tricks and notes about your destination, so you and your group don’t miss a thing.

We can’t wait to dream up a perfect-fit itinerary that reflects your dreams and goals. Reach out today and let’s start the conversation! 

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